Monday, July 21, 2014

art journal: home

We've been busy working on home stuff this past few months, which has had me thinking a lot about what I value in a home.

It's so easy to get caught up in the trappings of the stuff that we decorate our home with. I'm super guilty of this. I like decor. I like pretty things. I want my home to be a reflection of me and my values. But sometimes I worry too much about that instead of being present and actually living a life in my home that embodies those values. What colour the walls are isn't the goal. The laughter and love around the dinner table is.

I'm trying to get back to that. To remember to be grateful. To nurture my relationship with my son and husband. With my friends. To acquire less but cherish more. But man, I'll be honest. This isn't an easy feat for me. I am very much a by-product of my society and the massive consumption generation.

We're working on it though, as a couple, and trying to purge the unnecessary in order to have space for lightness. But we definitely have a long way to go!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#paganlists : meditation challenges

Or probably, more accurately, things that challenge me about meditating...

What's monkey mind, you ask? Restless, wandering mind that feels impossible to still. The thoughts that are caught up in the mundane, day to day stuff, that you can't seem to let go of, especially when you're trying to. That's a really simplistic explanation, but it gives you the picture.

And honestly, it's my biggest challenge when meditating. It's so easy to get caught up in the endless mind games and thoughts. I'm constantly reminding myself to let go and get back on track when I meditate. I don't know that that will ever really go away. I'm working towards just trying to get longer stretches before my mind gets drawn back in.

What about you? What is it that gets in the way of your meditation?


*I've decided, for sustainability sake, that #paganlists is going to be a monthly project for me. One list on the 15th of the month. Please feel free to play along if you're so inclined. Use my list prompt or create your own and share it with #paganlists on twitter so I can find you! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Back on the Saddle

I've been taking a break from the web lately, trying to get outside and enjoy the sun, and celebrate the relationships I have in real life by spending time with friends.  It's been a good break. I was feeling blogged out and completely un-creative.

I had all these things that I wanted to do, but completely lacked the inspiration to do any of them. I needed time to step away and re-assess what was important and what I wanted to drop.

I don't know if I've really made any headway in that department, but at least I feel refreshed and more inspired to begin again. So here's to chasing my projects and writing my lists, and just general chaos of having too many ideas floating around and not enough time for most of them!

and pretty much everything in between....

I am a lady of many hats... what can I say!?


Saturday, June 28, 2014

saturnian thoughts on sharing magical images

What are the boundaries when it comes to sharing magical work? From sigils to telesmatic images to spells, etc? Where do we draw the line?

image source

On some level, you could argue that these things are part of the collective storehouse of images, thus nothing we create is really our own. On the other hand, you could argue that sharing your creations allows others to tap into the energy work you've built up and thus, piggy back on your current which could be draining.

Am I making sense?

I'm not talking about this from an artistic copyright sense, I'm looking at this solely from a magical energy sense.

What school of thought do you ascribe to? Do you believe that every creation, be a sigil or an image, is tied back to you and thus sharing them makes them a possible siphon or channel of sorts? Conversely can we feed off of the energy that gets built up through others using them?

Or do you believe that you can cut the cord and be detached from your magical creations? That if you put them out into the universe they were either never really yours to begin with because they belong to the divine and are an expression of the divine or that once they are out there, they become an entity of their own, building up their own energy/life outside of you?

I'm not entirely sure that I'm explaining myself well with these questions.

Let's look at something more simplistic: a tarot deck.

All the images created for a deck like the Thoth deck (I'll use this one cause it's a younger and consciously created deck that you can read about in terms of the spiritual/artistic rhetoric behind it).

Obviously both figures involved in the creation of this deck created it with great intent. They funneled a great deal of energy, thought, and magic/spiritual intuitive working into the deck. The deck is their creation but was meant on some level to be a tool that is an entity in and of itself. At what point did the deck become detached from them, or is it? Has the deck taken on a life of it's own or are we funneling into a current that "feeds" it's originators.

There is an argument that spirits and demi-gods feed off of the energies, offerings, and thoughts of humans. The more we feed them, the stronger they become. Or rather, maybe they were always strong but need us to rekindle them on some level. (I know this argument is vastly more complex and that I'm only touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways of looking at it). What I'm getting at though, is this: do we feed our creations from our own energy, thus putting ourselves at risk when we share them or can others feed our creations and thus enable it to grow into something more than what our original creation was?

When or did the creators of the Thoth deck cut the cord from their creation and allow it to be a tool outside of them?

Or more significantly to me, when and how can I cut the cord to my workings, like my sigils for example, to allow them to be a force that works on it's own, without drawing from me? Or can a tool like this be that? Does it need to be awakened by the magician to be of any use?

If that's the case, is there really any power in a pre-made sigil if you don't awaken it yourself? Or, if there is, is that a safe energy to harness? Can a factory produced sigil be powerful without us energizing it? Does the image itself have a innate, collective energy that stems from years of built up history? Arguably they must. Think about any symbol that has become powerful in our world. The cross, the swastika, the star of David or the moon of Islam. Or flags. Or well, pretty much anything that has been collectively accepted and historied into the community's conscience. Is the power in the object itself or the narrative built up around it? At this point I think you can't really divorce one from the other anymore if the symbol has become that deeply embedded.

But what does that mean for younger images? Ones freshly created by individual magicians? If they work from a magical lexicon, building up on such a historical narrative, does said narrative innately infuse them with energy, independent but in collaboration with the magician?

And then here's the biggest kicker? If this is all just the play of the mind and all a spell of our creation, does any of it really matter?


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wish I could just stay in bed kind of day...

And just so that it's not all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops:

Sometimes blogland can feel inundated with sunny, happy people who never have problems.

Rest assured. I'm not one of them.

In fact I could make you a long list of things that make me rather imperfect. And some days I just want to bury my head in the sand and hide from it all.

The day this was made was one of them. And there will be many more to come, I'm sure!