Thursday, August 5, 2010

finding a modern pagan path, for modern living

There’s a lot of negative discussion surrounding the idea of eclectic traditions that take a little bit from here and there and create a path out of various elements. While I can understand some of the intellectual debate that crops up around this issue, particularly from revivalist traditions that are trying to follow the old cultural paths (Druidism, for example).

But here’s the thing…. my 21st century self doesn’t really fit into the world view of Druidism or traditional pagan living any more than it fits into a big religion world view, so an eclectic rebuilding/combination of elements strikes me as more suited the reality that I live in.

While I know that this isn’t something that some will agree with, for me, it is a sort of no brainer. Particularly as a woman, I often find it challenging to accept older philosophies without question. I may find merit in many elements, but there is always something that seems stagnant and locked in the act of accepting an older tradition without some sort of revitalisation/rethinking of how it applies to modern life.

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