Tuesday, September 7, 2010

canning the harvest

Although I'm a bit leary of glorifying traditional gender roles or romanticizing the past, I am very interested in gettting back to basics and taking charge of my place in the food chain (read: outside of the overly commercialized, processed realm of the grocery store).

For a long time I was a poor starving student who just never had time to try to green-i-fy her life or celebrate the seasons by immersing myself into the rituals that come with the turning of the wheel. But this year, I am proud to say, that I have finally managed to find the time and conquer my fears and can some of this year's harvest.

First I started with raspberry jam. It was easy, but I overcooked it so it didn't go so well. I promptly avoided any other canning until 2 weekends ago, out of fear of botching another batch of anything I made.

But no worries, I braved the world of tomato sauce making and it went well. 35 jars of my own tomato sauce later, I have a newfound appreciation for all the work our ancestors did (be it our mothers or our grandmothers, or even further back). Canning isn't hard, per se, but it's time consuming!

On the other hand, a batch of homemade pizza, with homemade tomato sauce and fresh veggies from our garden might have been one of the highlights of my summer. Eating the fruits of my own labour filled me with a great sense of accomplishment. And I love the sense of feeling connected with the food on my table.

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