Thursday, September 16, 2010

how to choose a magical name.

I'm on a name hunt. Yup, that's right. I'm looking for my "magical" name. And this search has prompted a lot of questions on my end. I mean, I want to choose the right name. The name of something I wish to take on and embody.

Here are the questions I've come up with:

Do you want to take on the traits of an element, season, flower, or goddess? Or something else entirely?

Are you in need of strength, compassion, balance?

Are you interested in a popular name, or something more obscure?

Is it important that the name be of someone or something that is real, or are you more drawn to a name that is fictional and has a long literary history?

Does the name ring true to you?

And finally, have you sat on the name for a bit of time, just to be sure that it really is a right fit?


  1. Great questions! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm struggling with a name and am hoping the God/dess or my guides will reveal it to me when the time is right. I'm not a great fan of patience, but sometimes one must have a tad bit of it. Hey, maybe that's a good name . . . Patience! LOL!

    Blessed Be,

  2. I used numerology when coming up with my name. Using the numerology table, I worked out the number for my full name and the year of my birth, and then found a name which matched it ^^

    There are loads of websites which list names and their meanings from certain pantheons, e.g Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and there's LOADS to choose from :D

  3. @Rachel, we did something sort of similar. I actually played with the numerolgy and tried to find an number that represented an area that I wanted to develop in my life.


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