Monday, September 6, 2010

the things we know and the things we need explained

Do you ever get surprised by the things people don't know? Things that seem common knowledge to you, particularly in a field of life you're interested in, end up being things that others don't seem to be aware of. Because I do... I guess I tend to take some of my knowledge for granted and forget about the fact that there was a time that the things I know had to be learned.

As I return to a pagan practice, immersing myself in books, podcasts, websites, etc, I am struck by how often simple concepts are clarified and defined for a target audience that I'd assume would understand such things. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I come across info that is unfamiliar to me, so I sit between both ends of the spectrum, it's just that I get thrown sometimes by some of the things that need explaining. It's a reminder of where I am on the path and where I came from versus where I am going.

Even though I am only returning to the path after years away, thus feeling like a newbie all over again, I'm reminded that I spent a lot of time learning about this path years ago and its information that I've never lost. I guess that I'm less of a newbie than I give myself credit for. On the other hand, this path is an experiental path... thus I'm still learning.

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