Tuesday, October 26, 2010

post fluffy consumerism

I recently visited a local metaphysical store. I haven’t been there in years.



(Did I mention that I’ve been away from the path for a long time)?
I have to say, I was actually quite disappointed upon my return. Honestly. Most of the stuff at the store was just useless junk. The question is, was it always this way and younger fluffy self was just too enamoured of the "mysticalness" of it all or have things really changed that much?

Honestly? Has anyone else had this experience?

Maybe I'm just jaded with the celtic sarongs turned altar cloths and am looking for things that are simpler but higher quality? I don't need any more fairies or dragons or to be dripping with pentacles (not that I ever was...)

I just honestly don't have much use for the items in stock. And while I want to support local stores, I am finding it harder and harder to do because so much of the stuff that I would really use isn't actually found in my local metaphysical store.

Has anyone else had this experience?