Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas, yule, & yulemas!

In following the pagan path, do we automatically have to give up our more mainstream holiday traditions?

Coming from a Western Christian world, this of course is primarily related to the Christian tradition of Christmas. (Don't get me started on the the non-Christianess of it all... that's a whole other topic)! Now obviously, given all the pagan elements incorporated into this holiday, we could argue that it is, for all intents and purposes, not an exclusively Christian holiday at all, and as such, I'm still fully entitled to rejoice in the joys of this season.

Which is great, 'cause I love me some Christmas!

But isn't so great, because Yule is still very different than Christmas, you know? And ironically, in many ways, I find Yule a far more spiritually evocative celebration that the mass family festivities that go along with Christmas.

Don't get me wrong, watching my family celebrate is lovely, but watching my covenmates light their candles in the circle was transcendent. And they don't compare one with the other.

Which brings me to a larger conundrum in life as I attempt to bring my mundane life and my spiritual life together and think about the ways that one day, when I decide to have children with my partner, how I'm going to combine these 2 into the lessons that will shape my children's lives.

And the answer so far: Yulemas. I'm going to work to bring the best of both worlds into my life, and into the lives of the family around me, in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.