Monday, January 10, 2011

crafty pagan blogs? are you out there?

Brighid's Cross (source)

Ok, so I read a fair amount of blogs but surpringsly few of them are actually pagan related. No, most of the blogs I follow are craft (as in arts & crafts) related.

So here's the thing, one of the things that I've started really noticing and wondering about it the predominance of Christian crafty bloggers out there. Seriously. Are there no pagan crafters? No pagan scrapbookers? Show me a damn sabbat themed scrapbook page already! Seriously!

And what I wonder about even more is the fact that all these crafty Christian blogs are making me see the USA in a completely different light. Once upon a time I thought the states was just a lot like us here in Canada, but I'm starting to wonder more and more if this is true. Or rather, now that I've moved around a bit in Canada, I wonder if maybe life on the west coast (Canada and the U.S.), is just generally more new agey, spiritual, and by extension, liberal, whereas other parts of both countries are more tradition and/or Christian?

Anyways, for all that, I just wonder about the paucity of pagan crafty bloggers out there (or perhaps my poor search skills!). For all the artsy pagans out there, I can't seem to find that many interesting creative pagan blogs.

What I find in abundance however, are blogs written by crafty Christians or Mormons. What about the artsy Muslims? Hindus? Or Atheists? I know they're out there! They have to be. So what gives?

Are we just not blogging about our crafts? Or are they, like mine, hidden away from the pagan blogosphere because I keep my pagan life anonymous and my crafty life public? And if that's the case, what are the consequences of that given that I personally don't ever talk about my faith on my public blog? I don't do this in an effort to respect my in-laws and in an effort to not offend my readers (many of whom are not pagan and may be uncomfortable with my pagan practices).

But I have to admit that recently, this division of self has started to make me fairly uncomfortable.

After all, how does it affect my values? How does it impact my practice?

I consider myself as being someone who lives her life with a great deal of integrity, yet this division of private/public often puts my sense of integrity into question and makes me ill at ease with the compromises I've made for my in-laws (which I do out of love for my husband), my job (because I work in education and I believe that it is very important to be a neutral educator - or at least as neutral as one can be), and my privacy (because one never knows how your life will be construed online and I've heard enough horror stories from fellow bloggers to know to play it safe).

While I know that following a mystery tradition can sometimes get complicated in the modern world, as I age I see the ways in which my younger self would have be navigated (and did navigate) this path so very differently than I do today (not that I'm particularly old, mind you).

All in all, I am more cautious and discrete than I used to be, which is odd given that I am far more comfortable with who I am now than I was at 20. But I can't help but wonder sometimes, am I the norm or the exception? And if I'm a norm, than what impact does that have on the larger pagan community if I retreat behind the safe veil of online anonymity?  Be it on our artistic development or otherwise?


  1. Wow, you are a great writer and this is a great post!

    I too had a division of myself up until a few months ago. I had my mundane, hide my spirituality from everyone blog and my pagan blog. Finally, I had enough. After discussing it with my husband I decided to come out of the broom closet and follow my heart. I shut down the mundane blog and dove head first into my pagan blog. I haven't looked back. Sure I lost a few followers (well, more than a few) but I've gained so much and have made so many more interesting friends who also follow the path less troden.

    I can understand where you're coming from in regards to education . . . that's a slipperly slope, but one that can be navigated while still being true to yourself.

    My in-laws don't know of my new beliefs, but I have the love and support of my husband, so no matter what they feel, I know my husband is on my side. After all, he encouraged me to follow my heart!

    As far as us crafty pagans, we're out there . . . I think we just need a little encouragement! I've posted your pagan journaling button on my blog and am looking forward to participating . . . you may have started something!

    Blessed Be,

    I'm originally from Edmonton, Alberta . . . my husband and I moved here to Wisconsin about ten years ago . . . I miss the mountains and deep snow skiing!

  2. thanks Tereza. it's food for thought and part of me is tempted to merge the 2 blogs. for now, we'll see how this one does in terms of creating a crafty pagan community for me!

  3. Hi! I am crafty & a pagan & out of the broom closet, yet I often find it hard to meld both of these paths on my blog, even though I really want to!

    Selling my creations online in the handmade community, I belong to a huge, Christian SAHM population and it took me a while to realize I was slowly moving back into the broom closet to fit in-- with my blog and my art work. Well, I've made a commitment to change all that this year. Knowing other creative people online will really help that, I'm so glad I found your blog!

  4. Hi back! I feel your comment! Seriously. This is exactly why I wanted to created this space. I was feeling the exact same way about my own "closetedness" online and the dis-ease that it was creating in my life.

    I'm not sure what the answer is at the moment, for me at least, because I have the added pressure of having VERY Catholic in-laws, but I'm really glad to find that I'm not alone and that others have had similar experiences. I was starting to feel like all crafty bloggers were SAHM Christians (and that's fine if they're Christian) but it was making me feel pretty insanely marginalized and silenced.

    Woo hoo for finding my peeps! :P


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