Friday, January 28, 2011


First of all, I’d like to say thank you to all the lovely readers out there who have joined me here over the past week. I’m a little awed by how generous your responses have been. As someone who struggled to find my voice on my other, mundane crafty blog & to draw readers in to that space, I can’t help but be a bit shocked by how quickly this space, albeit still small, is growing in contrast.
In the New Year I signed up for Ali Edward’s One Little Word project over at Big Picture Classes and chose the word nurture as my theme word of the year.
There are a lot of things I want to nurture in my life this year, ranging in topics as broad as creativity to my marriage.  But one of my largest goals in the year ahead is really to nurture a sense of community.
In my life I have always been someone with a large circle of acquaintances and a small circle of close friends, and as I enter my mid 30s and settle into a calmer, more sedate yet creative phase of my life, including marriage and future family building, I find these circles shifting and changing, and for myself, the need to redefine how each of those circles interacts and manifests in my life.
Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed with lovely friends and an amazingly blessed life, for which I experience a gratitude that I cannot even begin to adequately express in words.  But my life has shifted and with it, my connections and need for a larger community of connection has grown. Perhaps as I age, I find myself simply wanting to have a better sense of who my acquaintances are in life? I’m not sure and honestly, it’s not something I’m particularly stressed about analyzing.
But that said, I find myself reaching out, wanting to get to know others on this path. So I’m searching for other bloggers. And I’m responding to them. In fact, I feel like I’m commenting up a storm out there, which is so unlike me. But it’s been an enriching experience and a form of nurturing community that I never anticipated when I chose this word as something to bring into my life this year.
So thank you. Amongst the mass web that is the Internet, I have felt welcomed in the most unexpected of ways and it has given me a piece of hope and a sense of connection that was a pleasant surprise. People, I love your comments. They brighten my day and remind me of the links that I am forging in the world around me.


  1. (((hugs)))
    Nuture is a beautiful word to focus on for an entire year.

  2. Thanks. I stressed about the word for a long time before picking this one, but it's so perfect for what I want to bring into my life this year. And I'm so awed by what putting that wish out into the universe has already brought back into my life so far!

  3. Nurture is one of those words that can only bring positive things your way! I can understand the wanting to reach out and connect with others on the pagan pathways, it's the reason I began my blog as well. *hug*

  4. *Nurture* That is a wonderful positive space to be in for the year.
    I see you have already met Danni, one of the wonderful amazing artistic pagans out there. Welcome to this huge little circle that we call a community, please stay, create with us, craft with us, do as you will, and we can all nurture each other.

  5. Great word . . . nurture. I don't think we as women do that for ourselves enough. I wish you well on your 'nurturing' journey this year . . . seems to me you're off to a fantastic start!

    Blessed Be,

  6. This is a meaningful post that touched me - we sound similar in a lot of ways, though I'm almost twice your age! Nurture is a great word - I may focus on that myself this year. Blessings..Laura

  7. Thank you Laura, Tereza. I'm truly touched that others are connecting with what I've written. I feel very honoured by it all.


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