Monday, January 31, 2011

i am {not} a creative person

Do you tell yourself this? Cause I know some days I do.

I'm not a great artist. I'll never be the next Rembrandt or Dali. Nor am I a great writer. I don't have the self discipline to write those novels that are percolating in my brain, no matter how great the ideas might be. My list of things and ideas to create will always be longer than my actual creations.

And because of this, I often let myself feel as though my creativity has no real worth.

And because of this, I watch my amazingly talented, creative friends, dismiss their creations as mediocre, not good enough, or a frivolous hobby.

Here's the thing though. I think we live in a society that teaches us that we have to excel at something in order for it to have worth. That effort and merit are not enough. Earnest art, albeit touching, can never be true art. And if we don't have those skills right away, we dismiss our efforts as lacking talent, always conveniently forgetting that a grand pianist doesn't get to be grand without years of practice. Why are we so hard on our creative selves? Why do we internalize such harmful narratives?

Here's the thing: not only do I think these narratives are toxic to our fragile creative selves, I think they're BIG FAT LIES! Yup. That's right. I might not be the next Monet. But why would I want to be? I'm not Monet. I'm me. And maybe my art will never be accoladed like Van Gogh's, but then again, I still have both ears and receive about as much recognition in my daily life as he did in his!

We are all familiar with the idea that it's the journey, not the destination, that truly matters. So why doesn't the same hold true for our creative endeavours? Every time that I pick up the paint brush, start typing in this blog space, journal, cut, clip, photograph, it is an expression of the divine. The goddess is afoot in all of the art that I create, because it serves a greater purpose than just "art for art's sake;" it is a meditation of the human process and by extension a representation of the divine within us.

So every time "imposter complex" rears it's ugly head, I remind myself that I am a creative person. That my creativity is good enough. And that creativity is a celebration of the divine.

So celebrate damn it!

CELEBRATE your sweet, soul searching, goddess loving CREATIVE self!!!


  1. Thank you for this post! There are so many out there who need to hear this!

  2. Wonderful advise! I've there every once or twice. I'll remember to kick myself on the side of the head and embrace my Creativity!

  3. glad that it resonates for others. I know that there are days when I need to remind myself of this more than others!!!!

  4. Amen. Let's face it - we've all seen stuff in art galleries that makes us wonder ....

  5. Fantastic post Aradia! Thanks for the inspiration to get the creative juices flowing . . . no matter what squeezes out!

    I've pulled out my journal and dusted it off! I can't wait to get started!

    Blessed Be,

  6. This is so true! We are all creative and just because it isnt seen as amazing "ART" does not mean it does not have value! Lots of art out there I dont like! even though it goes for millions of dollars! Art is about the self the soul and the creative journey!
    I am so excited to Journal along with you and others, and I wanted to thank you for the tip, I am a list-er too so this may very well help me how I didnt think of it I dont know!
    Thanks so much, so glad to be creating with a kindred soul like you!

  7. Shine are powerful and fabulous..!I create like a child..and let myself bloom just as i am! we are all creative beings..and we all must shine just as we are..and dont ever be afraid to shine and bloom! It si what we are here to do!
    It is all valuable ad meaningful and deeply beautiful!I celebrate you!! Thanks for this beautiful post of wisdom, magic and powerful-insight!
    Shine on Aradia!

  8. yep we definitely need to hear this every so often. Be reminded that we are not to be someone other than ourselves. I work as a graphic designer: for some of the art I create for work, I am able to have creative license. Most of the time it is within the Left Brain World's idea of creative and good design. *yuk*

    So since I usually have to work within Left Brained confines, I need to remember the joy of creativity and it does not need to be particularly Faboo or look like some other well-known's work -- it just needs to BE. Some will be awe-inspiring, some will be mediocre at best - others will make you think every time you look at 'em. It's all good.

    Thank you :-)


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