Thursday, January 6, 2011


Around Samhain (yes, I still pronounce it Sam Hain in my head, even after all these years!), I started contemplating the idea of podcasting. I love listening to podcasts on my daily commute, like the idea of talking my ideas out instead of writing it all down (partially due to laziness, partially due to the fact that I like to talk, partially due to the fact that I spend a great deal of my day writing).

But there's a catch.

I've shuffled everything from the old version of this site onto this new blog in order to keep my life and identity private. Oh, don't get me wrong, if you ask, I'll tell you I'm pagan in my real life (for the most part I'm pretty out of the broom closet in muggle land), but there are several reasons that it's very important to me to keep my identity private in this space.

  • My catholic in-laws
  • My extended in-law family and the very gossipy community they are members of (ironically anonymity allows for greater disclosure than I would otherwise have)
  • I work in education,which requires a certain amount of non-denominational discretion
  • I'm following a mystery tradition and as such, have made vows of secrecy (which I adhere to, even here, in the anonymous, unknown realm blogland)

So would I end up risking my anonymous identity by putting my voice on the air, presuming that my ramblings would be listened to of course? Would I be biting off too much? Do I really have anything new to add to the dialog?

These are just some of the questions I end up asking myself as I contemplate the idea of taking up podcasting.

Others include:

  • What would I talk about? 
  • How would I organize the content?
  • Do I need to get equipment or can I wing it with my iPhone/laptop?
  • I'm far from being an expert and given my vows of secrecy, will I run out of topics that are open for discussion?
  • Will I always be able to discern between what is part of my training and what is general knowledge?
  • Would it be overly presumptive of me to think that I can put my knowledge out there when I am still so young on the path (in terms of knowledge, not so much age.... though I am still on the younger side)

For the most part, I think that my questions really stem from insecurities about voicing my ideas/thoughts/opinions when I know that I am far from being an authority on anything craft related. My intentions are to discuss, not to teach, yet teaching is my nature and I worry about blurring the line or being misconstrued as a pagan teacher when all I'm really looking for is to extend my community and discussions beyond my small group with others who share my interests.

Obviously I still have a fair amount of contemplation to do before setting my mind to either path.

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