Wednesday, January 12, 2011

tarot: art, scrapbooking & storytelling as a way to learn the cards

I'm trying to learn the tarot. Don't get me wrong. I know my tarot already, but I don't trust myself to read my cards without my book and I want to transition beyond the book.

So I'm working on a little project to help me remember all the cards. And being the artsy girl that I am, it involves pictures, scrapbooking, and storytelling:

the Haindl tarot

The deck I use, the Haindl tarot, draws on elements from Native American, Hebrew, Western, Norse, I Ching, Celtic, Egyptian, and Indian myths & traditions. Which makes the cards amazingly complex and rich, but also a bit hard to always catch everything in them. So I'm working on creating stories based on things I know (songs, historical references, etc) to help me remember all the elements, which I will then put into a scrapbook full of the the crafty things I've learned along the way!


  1. What a fantastic way to learn! Keep us posted on your progress!

    Blessed Be,


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