Tuesday, February 8, 2011

52 week link up alert

Ok, I've created a page to add all your blog buttons.

This way, hopefully, everyone can visit this page and hop over to the various participant blogs easily in order to check them out.

You're in charge of how link so it can be done a couple ways:

  • send me the tag feed for all of your 52 week tags + image and that way people can click and go directly to your posts about the project
  • send me a blog button (info, code, link to your site so I can grab it) and that way people can just link directly to your site and surf through it
  • send a link to a flickr, photobucket, picasa, etc, etc site and your prefered image and I will link it up that way
  • find another method and let me know (just send me an email, comment here, I'll figure it out)!

So for everyone who has a blog and who is doing this project, please send me a link/email/prompt so that I can add your info/button to the page.


  1. Hi Aradia,

    I'm still working on my 'intention' project but should have it up in the next few days. In the meantime, here's the html code for my blog . . .

    Rats . . . blogger doesn't seem to like the attributes in my html . . . I guess if you go to my blog my badge button is on the sidebar with the html code. Otherwise, if you have email I could send it to you that way. Let me know what works best for you!

    I think what I'll do is have a button on my sidebar that will link to each week's project. Yeah, sounds good in theory! LOL!

    Hope you're having an amazing day!

    Blessed Be,
    Embracing My Goddess-Self

  2. I have my first page under way. :) In the meantime, here is the code for my blog button, just remove the 3 *'s that are in there, as it wouldn't let me post it without them.

    <*a href="http://thewhimsicalcottage.blogspot.com" target="new"><*img border="2" src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/paint_box/Blog-Button-1.jpg" /><*/a>

    If it makes things easier, I have the button and html code box on the sidebar of my blog. :)

  3. could you use Mr Linky on your own post here on your blog each time you post? then we can link each week to the actual post.. just a thought :)
    otherwise, I will sit and work out how to do one of the above.

  4. My first page is almost done :)
    It will not allow me to post my tag here so I can email it to you.
    I also have the code on my sidebar if that is easier for you!
    Hope to be seeing the artwork soon!

  5. Heres the code for my bloggy button :)
    in answer to your questions i used watercolours and a black marker pen and pics taken in very good daylight with hubbys new camera, which wasnt expensive. x x

    OH grrrrrrrr wont let me paste htlm code here either lol but my bloggy button code on my side bar if that helps x

  6. I have all my supplies, now I just need to sit down & get this party started! Here is my blog button & once I make my first post, I'll be adding a tab at the top of my blog for 52 weeks, hopefully will make it easy for people to find. Like Danni did, I added 3 * to my code that will need to be removed for it to work.

    <*a href="http://into-the-dawn.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><*img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5014/5429690561_a4a0d35261_m.jpg" width="150" height="105" alt="clay button 2" />

  7. (and if that code got truncated or something, my button & code are on the sidebar of my blog, just below my Twitter feed)

  8. I am going to do my page twoday. I am excited to get started after I have done a load of housework that really needs doing. Hugs Sara

  9. cant find your email but I have a blog button on my blog if you want to help yourself to that or email me at ningangels@yahoo.co.uk
    and I can then email it to you

  10. Will be working on the second prompt a bit more today. It's not where I want it to be just yet.

    Here's my link code...
    <*a href="http://livewicca.com/"><*img src="http://livewicca.com/images/lwblog.png" alt="Live Wicca: the blog" border="0"><*/a>

    (with 3 * added)
    and thanks for linking round, I love seeing everyone's work!

  11. Hi Aradia,
    Just discovered your blog and as I am a mixed media fiber artist who journals and who is toward the end of her Year and a Day on the path. I'd love to participate in your Pagan Art
    Journaling and share thoughts, observations and questions.

    Paulette/Sage Moon

  12. Hope it's not too late to join in. I'm going to catch up, for myself, and start posting soon....I have a button code on my blog, the comment won't let me send it here though, so here's my link:


  13. it's never too late to join. just send me an email ( aradiascauldron@gmail.com ) telling me if you want me to include you in the link up (or indicate it in a comment and I will go grab it from your site)

  14. Yes, for sure I'd love to link up and join in! It won't let me post the coding for my button, so I added my blog link in the last comment :D

  15. Thanks for doing this; you are so organized!

    Here is the Photobucket link to my blog button:


    And it should link to: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/

    P.S. Hope you join Witches in Fiction - Pagan Culture 2nd Blogoversary Party!

  16. Done! Always glad to have more people joining in!

  17. Hello,
    I realized that I posted the wrong blog address. It is havingwritten-rpl.blogspot.com.
    I'm still learning how to link and I have no idea how to manage a button yet. I'm learning.

    Don't you sometimes feel like your speaking a special lanuage when you have to type in the word verification code:)

  18. Hi Paulette,
    I wasn't sure what image to take for the link up, so I took your photo from your profile. Please let me know if this isn't ok.

  19. just now realized I never did this. Here is the blog button code from photo bucket(i hope it works, let me know if it doesn't)


    it should link to

    and all the posts are tagged with Art Journal, and I've got a button up on my site.

    now to work on week 6!

  20. Here's mine! So far only week 1 is on the blog, but that will change very soon :D

    <*a href="http://faeriedoor.blogspot.com" target="new"><*img border="2" src="http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/164/0/8/through_the_faerie_door_button_by_witchling_ashara-d3isfnn.jpg" /><*/a>

    (Just remove the little * )

    Love and Leaves,


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