Wednesday, February 9, 2011

art journal prompt {week 2}

Ok, Valentine's day is around the corner so this week's prompt is all about heart/love.

What fills your heart with joy, with love, with sadness. What lessons do you want your heart to remember? What does love mean to you? And what does love/heart mean in relation to this path (for you).

I know, I know. Valentine's day is a commercial, consumer, Hallmark holiday. Trust me, my husband goes on this rant EVERY year. I know. :P

But here's why I decided to make heart/love this week's prompt: Often I struggle with merging my mundane life with my spiritual life, so I wanted to combine not only the wheel of the year, but also the yearly calendar into some of our meditations/ruminations along the way. How can what's going on in the larger population contribute to our spiritual path? Because I don't think they have to always be separate.

In fact, I think that the popular holidays end up infiltrating our subconscious, so to ignore them on some level, is working against the tide/flow of energy in mass culture. So instead of swimming upstream, I wanted to wallow in the flow and find a way to extract the spiritual core from the mundane. Cause I do believe it's there.

So yeah, this week it's all about love baby! Bring it on!

Here's my page:

I went several places with it. From what love means to mean on this path, what the god and goddess bring into my life, how love manifests itself in my daily world, what I am grateful for in terms of the love I am given in my world. Snippets of wisdome related to love, etc, etc, etc.

It's raining love...

Feel free, if you want, to link up to your week 2 page:


  1. Very interesting subject... But still one we should think about. I like how you want to bring the mundane and spiritual together, I try to do the same myself. I will have to think on this for a while...

  2. ahhh you found Mr Linky - fantastic.. you know, I am 53 and just discovering that my spiritual life is my real, mundane life ~ from washing the dishes, cleaning bathrooms, making beds and all the other stuff that goes along with my life.. that is spiritual.. bringing the sacred into the ordinary.. and still taking the time to walk on Mother Earth, observing the wheel and bringing that into my home with various little rituals... so will ponder this and link xoxo

  3. :-) yea! I have my Week 2 posted. Take a look on WitchWays 101 (I'm in the "52 wk linkup")

  4. Hi have added link to my page to Mr Linky :0)
    Thanks x x

  5. Linked to my week 2 page! Sorry if anybody doesn't have a Deviant Art account, just comment here if you don't, I'll check back. :)

  6. I finally posted up my pages from weeks 1 & 2 and shared them in the linky tool. I've had them done, but was slacking off on the scanning. :X

  7. Ok mister linky is not working... my apologies for any lost links. I'm working on it!

  8. sunni: sometimes i think that the topics that are hardest are the ones we need the most! and i once had the most mystical experience in India, looking at a lotus, in the gardens where buddha delivered his first "sermon" so i love the amazing connections on your page that remind me so much of my own journey!

  9. My week 2 is posted!

  10. I love how the page is full to bursting!


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