Monday, February 7, 2011

etsy artist feature: Lenae's Captured Faeries

Lenae's Etsy Shop
 Etsy never fails to get the better of my pocket book! Every now and again I just can't help myself and spend spend a bit of time window shopping online. I'm always amazed by the beautiful creations out there. Today's inspiring piece of work: Captured Faeries!

I love me the Faeries. From Lady Cottingham's Pressed Fairies to Brian Froud's Faeries, I have love been in love with the faery realm.

In fact, not only do I have 2 faery tattoos (faery ring arm band and a fairy on my back, both inspired by Froud's book) my middle name is the French world for fairy (intentionally chosen because I was my mother was told she'd never have children so I was her little piece of magic). So naturally, when perusing pagan themed wares, I find myself drawn to art of the faery, particularly the captured faery cause after all, them faeries are mischievously and can't be allowed to roam too freely!


  1. Super enchanting and so gorgeous...thanks for sharing this gem!

  2. love the little faeries. Will love to trap one in a jar !!


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