Monday, February 28, 2011

etsy artist feature: MoonLitCreations

Ok, it's a bling day over here at Aradia's Cauldron:

Snake Pentacle Necklace

There are a lot of pentagrams to be had on Etsy, but this particular one caught my attention because it was so unique. What do you think? It's subtle, cause people won't immediately realize that it is a pentagram, but symbolic because of the snake emerging, transforming and just generally coiling itself about the star inside.

Yeah, I dig it!


  1. Hi Aradia,

    That is a great necklace and you are right that it is subtle. I will have to go and check out this Etsy shop.

    Sage Moon/ Paulette

  2. I love this it is just so beautiful and like you said so unique, it is just a fabulous necklace!

  3. Glad that others like it as much as I do.


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