Friday, February 18, 2011

my familiar?

Ode to my little black cat

She's part Siamese, part something else, undefined, unknown, but entirely her own.

She looks about 1 or 2, but in reality she's 11 going on 12.

She's moved across the country with me, been my home when home was always in transition, and seen me through many friendships and relationships.

In truth, for many years she has been my home. The walls and people and decor have changed, but she has been my constant, my true north.

She has her own personality. She is unique. And I don't think that just anyone could be her owner because she has needs and isn't shy about sharing them. And she is also extremely attached to me. Through countless roommates and partners, even my husband who is her 2nd human cannot compete with the bond that is ours.

When I go away to travel, she eats a little less. When I return, she clings to me until she seems to be sure that I'm back for good, only then to ignore me for 2 days, a quasi punishment of sorts (or perhaps embarrassment over being so needy? I'm not sure). She waits outside the bathroom door when I shower and supervises most of my creative endeavours from her (usually uncomfortable) perch on my lap. She sleeps with me and has deigned to share the bed with my husband (usually on me, with one paw reaching out to touch him, or vice versa when she's really cold (cause he's warmer)).

I know it may seem strange to talk about a pet in such a way but this morning, when she curled up on my lap (see picture), I was filled with a sense of love that I cannot even begin to describe for this little, tempermental, but loving furball. She is my furbaby. And I don't know if I would call her a familiar, but she is my twin, in cat form. Our personalities are frightfully alike. Loving but aloof. Generous but tempermental. Loyal but independent.

So sometimes I can't help but wonder, is this the first life we've lived together? Because honestly, when I rescued her from the SPCA at 8 months, I could have never imagined that this big doe eyed cat that seemed so much in need of love would become such a part of me and mirror my own self so well. I don't know that that kind of connection can be created in one lifetime. So I wonder. Are we family, reincarnating from life to life, together? Because I have owned many cats in my life, but never have I known a cat so well as I know this wee little wicked beastie!


  1. A familiar is the best friend we can have. He is cute! i m sure he is in charge of things in there!My is a little black long hair chihuahua ! name Romeo, my Romeo!

  2. I have two very beloved cats who I'm blessed to be owned by. They're both sisters and your ode to your beautiful was so perfect. I cannot imagine my life without my familiars, my partners in crime. Thank you so much for making me smile and purrr with delight.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my second journal entry. I am not surprised that this prompt gave you trouble as well! I love your little kitty! She is so cute, our little one is the same just as full of personality and she always punishes us after we leave for a while :)

  4. What a sweet little kitty face! I can totally relate to your relationship with her, I had the same with my calico kitty, Claire. She was my little soul mate and I'm sure we found each other when we did because we needed each other to take care of. She died on my 40th birthday but I still think of her all the time.


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