Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 1}

and so it begins…

weekly prompt: intention*

what are your intentions for this project? what do you hope to get out of it? is it about healing, creativity, community, or something else?

to start off this journey i thought it would be nice to think about what you want for yourself right now, what do you want to nurture and bring into your own lives at the moment. find a word or quote or image that speaks to you right now and let it be your guiding light/idea/theme for this week, this month, this turn of the wheel, or this entire project.

for those of you doing the one little word project, you can do like me and make this a page that meditates on the word you want to bring into your life at this moment.

jan 2011 064

there are a lot of things i want to say in this post but to be honest, i don’t know that i’m in the head space to be able to write them all out with justice. some days i feel more eloquent than others and perhaps this post, which i have been meditating on for some time now, has grown too large, too important for me to do it the justice that i intend for it. i will attempt to podcast about it in the near future, perhaps speaking the ideas will be easier to than typing them…

in the meantime…

suffice to say, this wraps up my intention best:

jan 2011 067

*as always, know that you’re welcome to go your own way with this. chose your own word, explore your own theme. please send me links via the comments so that i can see what you’ve done. oh, and while i have already pre-selected the 52 topics, if you have one that you think would be interesting, please drop me a line at for consideration. i know that i started this project but this is meant to be a collaborative space for all!

brightest blessings & happy imbolc!


  1. Happy Imbolc!

    I think your very creative Aradia. I wish I had time to participate with you, but with all the projects I have going, (currently)...LOL I havent the time! But still, I do enjoy what your doing.


  2. Happy Imbolc, Aradia!

    Intention is always such a hard word for me, but one that I must cultivate! Good word to start this journey with! I'm off and running . . .

    I love your 'nurture' page . . . it's wonderful and thank you for sharing it.

    Blessed Be,

  3. awesome. I was hoping I would come home to the first "crea-ssignmen-tive"! (creative+assignment = a freaky compound word as a result from working a hard day!)


    Once I have the BRAND NEW hardbound scetchbook I bought at Michaels broken in with this I will take a picture and share on my blog and link here from this post (at least that is my... intention)!

  4. I just found this and I'd really love to participate so count me in. I'm not sure what I'll use just yet but the 12 x 12 sounds good to me too and I have a pile of those papers I can use.

  5. I think this is a great starting point. I shall get my new blank journal and start it later today. Hugs Sara

  6. hi all, I'm really looking forward to seeing your creations and the various places you all go with it, how the idea reasonates for the rest of you (if it does, if it doesn't, etc...)

    happy art journaling!

  7. Very interesting idea. Appropriate place to begin too. I'm gonna have to really think on this one! And your page is beautiful!

    If I get something done for this, I do have other art projects sitting around, then I might post it on my Deviant Art account, as I don't have a blog or anything, lol!

  8. make sure to send me the link if you do. i'm totally a nosy busybody and wanna see what others are doing!

  9. What a great way to kick off the journal! I've worked on a piece since reading this post and here's what I have so far...

    This has been a wonderful idea, it has already got me thinking from the head, heart and spirit

  10. And so we begin at the very right point, it kinda tied into what i had planned to do already which is good and on same wave length :) i have made a start and once its complete i shall come back and share. Many blessings for inspiring me x x

  11. I did it!!  I will be using a sister-blog for this.  I have linked to/from on GreenWitchWays.  It is WitchWays101. I might end up reposting everything to GWW, but for now this is what I want to do.

  12. Just popped over to send u link to my firt journal page week 1 intention :) thanks i really enjoyed and cant wait for week 2 x

  13. I've finished week 1! I had to post it on my Deviant Art account since I don't have a blog or website but I still wanted to show you and others. It was very refreshing and inspiring. :) Here's the link.

  14. Sunni, I love it! I love that you see these all as being interconnected. I think that's the beauty of being able to unite things under a word as opposed to just a goal (like wanting to get your driver's license). Not that the goal is a bad thing, it's great, but having a word gives you room to explore. At least, that's my opinion!!

    Can I take the image and put a link on the link up? I'm not really familiar with DeviantARt so I don't know if you want everything there to be viewable or not... or if you can create a set/folder just for this... let me know.

  15. I agree, it does! I like idea of bringing these things all together under one word, it does give you that room to explore and helps you look at things in a new way I think. :)

    I've set up a separate folder in my gallery just for my art journal pages. The link below will go to that. People will still be able to view my other stuff if they want, which I don't mind at all since that is the purpose of a gallery, but this way the art journal is all together and you don't have to go searching for it. You can use my first page for the image until I get something else together. :)

  16. My first page is done! I'm very excited. Here is the link:

    Wanted to add it here so it could be found with all the other Week 1 links. I will add Week 2 to Mr. Linky when I get it done.


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