Thursday, February 24, 2011

scrapbook: moon in Sagittarius

So recently I really started to notice the moon’s effect on me. More specifically, moon phases in the astrology signs. I’m not quite sure what brought this about, perhaps 6 months of morning meditations?

So one of the things I wanted to do was to start learning about the various signs and their influence in the moon.

I started with the moon in Sagittarius because that’s where it is right now:


There’s a lot of purple in the page because purple is supposedly associated with this sign.


More details…



  1. Merry Meet,
    I am nearing my Year and a Day date and while studing and practicing this past year I too have become aware of how Selene, the Moon Goddess effects me in all her stages. I have a surge of hot flashes when it's waxing to full that taper off as she wanes.
    I'm still studing astrology and houses. So much to learn but I'm loving it all.
    Right now I'm studing and making a Wall Board on the Goddesses and Gods and their days of the week. Which I will copy into my BOS.
    I enjoy seeing what you're creating.

    Sagemoon/ paulette

  2. Very pretty, thanks for sharing:)

  3. I love your scrap-booking! I have been thinking about doing a scrap book for my desserts (as I try new things and tweek old ones) What do you think? Could I make a dessert/food scrapbook work or would it be to cookbooky?

  4. Thanks!

    @Faerie Sage: Go for it. I think it would be awesome. The majority of modern scrapbooking seems to focus a lot on photos and family, but there are so many different ways that I see it used that I think a cookbook style scrapbook would be awesome.

    In fact, it is a cookbook scrapbook from a novel that inspired my own idea of a pagan themed scrapbook.(see here if you're curious about the quote: )

    Just wait, you'll see that some of my pages are more recipe based (they're scheduled but are coming soon)!


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