Thursday, February 17, 2011

scrapbooked: hand dipped candles

Ok... so I said that I wanted my scrapbook to be less about the pretty pages and more about the info. And yet, here is my 2nd page:

I know right? Still working on a primarily visual theme here. Simple, photo focused scrapbook page about making candles. But I tried, I really did. I just didn't have much to actually write about the process after podcasting about it!

Close up anyone?

Don't worry though! I'm reading Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols and I have some very text based reader response scrapbooking ideas in the works.

Simple and pretty... move over... lit geek pagan girl is on her way!

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  1. Seems to me you've written all that needed to be said about the experience. Very succinct, but appealing page.


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