Tuesday, March 22, 2011

art journaling for the artistically challenged: page basics

One of the things I hear quite often during this project is the idea that I'm not a great artist and I can't draw. But here's a little secret: that's ok. You don't need to be a great artist to be an art journaler or to take your art journaling to the next level.

Another secret: I'm not a great artist either. I have no formal training and I'm building up my skill set as I go. Truth be told, I can barely draw a stick man! I look at what others do and copy things that I admire, pieces here and there, and then adapt them to make them my own. Some days the copy/alteration is closer than it should be and other days I think I manage to deviate enough from the original for it to become my own. In fact, I think that an art journal is the perfect safe place to try out new techniques without worrying about your skill level.

If I can do it, so can you! Trust me. Be bold in your belief in self and you will find your own art journaling voice.

Ok, for those of you who feel like your art skills might not but up to the task... here are some tips that might prompt you to think again!

There are plenty of things you can do to feed your creative artsy soul without having to ever actually have any skill at drawing!

First things first: keep it simple and stick to the basics
ways to fill the omimous, ever daunting, blank page:
  • Find the colour that best represents the theme of the week and just slather that on to a page. Paint the page evenly or hap-hazard (yes, i just wanted to be able to write hap-hazard):
  • want an ethereal effect? break out the water and spritzed that page:
  • want the page to have depth and look like a thickly painted palette? break out an old points card (or other card of your choice) and scrap the paint around:
  • use various shapes you have around the house and mix things up:
  • then take the page and draw some lines/shapes, what have and start writing:
  • use the shapes as part of your journaling and write:
  • or add embellishments like stickers and write:



  1. Hm, I might be able to add some colors to my words after all...

  2. of course you can. if you want to. but if you don't, that's ok too!

  3. Very beautiful and so simple!! I love to draw, but painting is not my skill but I'm simply using this as a meditative and peaceful project to be able to have fun with something whether it's good looking or not isn't an issue for this - I've gotten several favourites to some of my pieces I posted on Deviantart though...art to be inspiring, not look perfect. :D I'm so happy I decided to join in!!


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