Friday, March 18, 2011

art journaling reminder: FUN

I just wanted to put this out there based on a comment I just wrote.

Many of you have left comments about being behind.

That's ok.

This is a fun project that will hopefully also lead to a bit of introspection and such, but above all, it's meant to be fun! If it stops being fun and feels like too much work, give yourself permission to stop, take a break, or just lighten things up!

Often we, and by this I probably mostly mean me, take on all these projects with enthusiasm and good intention only to find ourselves feeling drained and overwhelmed by the work and energy they end up taking. But here's the thing: if you don't take care of you, who else is going to? I'm not here to crack the whip or make you feel bad about yourself.

Honestly? I'm just frackin thrilled by how many of you are reading, commenting, and participating along the way. Seriously. As I write this there are 68 of you "following" + 41 of you via Google Reader. And that's just amazing. In the words of Sally Field's earnest Oscar acceptance speech: You like me, you really, really like me! And that touches my heart more than you can know. Especially given that this has happened in less than 3 months. I'm awed by it. Earnestly awed by it. Namaste: I recognize, acknowledge, and bow to the divine in you.

So don't apologize to me. And don't beat yourself up. Cause honestly, I think you're all just amazing in terms of your support and enthusiasm for a project that I started to nurture myself and hoped could maybe be of interest for others. Yeah.

So remember: life is an adventure, paint it in the colours and timeline you see fit!



  1. I'm all caught up! Will be posting pics soon :D So much fun with this project :D

  2. Awesome Faye! Thanks for this reminder that we all need from time to time.

    Its like the borrowed graphic I have on GreenWitchWays with the little blackbird: "B.W.O. Blogging Without Obligation-- Because you shouldn’t have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill." This should apply to our blogs proper and the projects we do related to blogland. A common sense reminder that helps us keep it all in perspective.

  3. You are The Sweetest Artsy Darling of Them All!

    Let me tell you… I've been drawing (and I'm usually the term so loosely that my “pictures” are glaring at me). I've done a few things; they looked great in my head, but not very awesome after I put them on paper.

    I went for a walk this morning. Actually, I took my daisy for a walk (don't laugh). When I got back, I looked at what I've worked these last few days, and I realized that I don't like it—not one bit. I don't want to post it. I'm just not great at drawing. Yet, for some reason this projects has called on me. The first time you announced it, remember? I knew I wanted to do it, but was conscious of my drawing handicap.

    Having said that, I'm NOT giving up; I'm a Witch and a FREAKING Marine, quitting is not in my nature. So I will be the one member of the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling Project who might not paint a thing (maybe…). I'll write my drawings instead. Pagan Culture will be my canvas, and the work of everyone participating will be my inspiration. I'll rejoice in what you guys come up with, and then I'll do what I do best: I'll write a story about it.

    I even have a title: "Once upon a Witchy time..." and according to this post, it seems I also have 68 characters and counting.

    I'm off to write my paintings! Thanks three worlds for cheering me up!! Oh, and Happy Spring Equinox!!!

  4. thanks.

    @Magaly: I think writing your story is a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it. On the other hand, if you're worried about your art, there are other things you can do like:

    *just painting a background colour that reflects your mood/feeling towards the subject (for example, what colour represents nature for you) and then just write your journaling on top of that

    *collage. find images online or in magazines and create collages of things that represent the idea/feeling for you and then do your journaling around them. if you're not a drawer or painter, this could be another way of approaching the project?!


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