Tuesday, March 8, 2011

guest posting?

Ok, so far I've been awed by the lovely things you all are creating in your art journals. Part of me would like to just blatantly plagiarise your mad skills and create a new day of scheduled posting (technique tuesdays) but then I thought again and realized that wouldn't really be fair, now would it, if I didn't give you all your due credit. Besides, I'm a teacher, I can't in all good intention, just borrow your technique, do it myself and then blog about it, can I?

No, of course not.

So here's what I'm thinking...

Wanna write your own guest post about one of the techniques you like to use in your own art journals? Or even about one of the techniques you've tried and thought was interesting and you'd be willing to share.

Never written a guest post? Here's your chance to give it a go.

No sure why writing guest posts is good? Here's a few reasons why guest posting can be an interesting thing to do for your own blog:
  • networking (spreading the word about your blog, meeting other bloggers, attracting new blog readers)
  • building your own niche
  • creating links to your site on other sites and linking to other sites on your blog, which for reasons that confuse me, tricks google into think your site is more important, thus is listed higher in search returns.
If this interests you, drop me a line at: aradiascauldron@gmail.com


  1. Merry Meet,
    I read with interest your idea of sharing art journal techniques, then I scrolled down to see if anyone else had posted and found nothing,,,,Okay, I jumped. I'd be happy to share my humble techniques. Now I need to get busy and post my Pagan Art Journal.

  2. fantastic. Please let me know when you're ready and we'll figure out the details!


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