Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, something I've noticed... everyone who comments or emails, tends to call me Aradia. I think this is my fault because I never really gave a name here on the site. On the podcast I say Sequana, but I'm going to be changing that too so that everything is consistent. I have a long term goal for this site and in order to realize that goal eventually, I need to make things clear and consistent.

So for those of you looking for a name for me, please use Faye. It is my real middle name & the one my mother gave me as a spiritual/religious name. And since it's already somewhat magical in nature, it's the one I'm going to be using on the internet henceforth! The last name also has a meaning, but just because I so like to be a tease, I'm not going to explain it!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful name with us 'Faye'. It's nice to meet you!

    Hee hee . . . I have a suspicion what your names mean, but I'll keep it to myself!

    Blessed Be,

  2. Awesome... Thanks.
    he he he maybe you should make a graphic saying "Call me... Faye" Like "call me Ishmael" maybe picture of whale with wings or something!!
    he he he :-D

  3. Nice to meet you Faye! :-D I wondered what I should call you, so this post is quite helpful! LOL

  4. Wonderful, I love the name!
    If you and your husband are opposites in Feng Shui as you say, the best rooms for you two to stay in are your bad luck or your five ghosts. These will both be good luck areas for your husband so all good there, your bad luck area causes minor irritations so there are lots of things you can do to fix that. Or your five ghosts can be changed to very positive energy using flying star formula. You could also stay in your husbands five ghosts which would be a good luck position for you but you would very clearly have to make sure you changed the bad luck there into good luck with flying star.
    Flying star can be pretty tricky and requires extensive charts, I will not be covering it in my Feng Shui coverage, but if you let me know what Kua numbers you and your husband are and the one of your house I can work out the flying star for you and let you know what would be best. Let me know and its no trouble to do because I have all the charts.
    Blessings and Good Chi :)

  5. Thanks. It's something that I've noticed a lot in everyone's responses, so I thought it might be time to clear things up!

    Tereza, I would love to hear your theories on the the 2nd name bit. I suspect you'll hit the nail on the head for the 2ndary reason, but not the first.

    Faerie Sage: I will get back to you. I think I was 8 and he 6, but I'll have to dbl check. Feng Shui has always seemed daunting to me so I have to admit that your post has confirmed that!


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