Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 5}

this week’s prompt: a letter to yourself (in relation to your path growth) 5 years from now

Where do you want to be? What do you hope to have learned? How do you think you’ll have grown?

For me this was about continuing and realizing the projects I am currently working on and seeing them come into full fruition. What would it mean for you? Would it be mastering visualizations? A particular skill set? A frame of mind or attitude? I purposely went a little vague on this one so that I could encompass more of the larger picture informing my hopes at the moment.


Technical things to note:

this page is about layers. The background is made up of brown, white, yellow, orange and gold that were layered, scrapped, and textured. I used water spritzed from a water bottle and paint scrapped off and spread using an old points card.


  1. Hi Aradia -- I love meeting other Canadian pagans! How the hell are ya? Cold, eh?

  2. Me too! Sometimes it feels like we Cdn pagans are really hidden in the woodwork.

  3. So pretty, love how it turned out. :-) Got mine done today :-)

  4. Lovely! Hope it's okay if I join in a bit later and catch up :D

  5. Finished mine but haven't posted it yet, I love the prompt for week 5 and the way you made the hair om you page look so realistic.


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