Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 6}

This week’s prompt: goddess


I’m not sure why, but lately the goddess is all about red for me. Ok, I know why but I’m going to pull the eternal, totally annoying line… and not tell you!

I know right? That’s totally mean of me!

Whatever, I already told you all that I was a tease!

Anyways, this page is all about layers. On the right side of the page,under all the paint, is the Charge of the Goddess. Written just above it is a popular chant from a woman’s circle I used to attend years ago & has been on my mind lately.

The paint was layered on over gesso and then spritzed with water to create the textured look you see. I also used washi tape (my latest artsy crush) and some black and white embellishments from my scrapbooking stash.

This might be weird, but the colour combination sort of reminds me of my mom. God, I’ve been talking about my mom a lot on this blog lately! Maybe it’s because I really owe a long overdue email… Guilty conscious and all that good stuff working it’s way into my various endeavours.

Ok, enough blathering, here’s most of the whole page:


I’m not sure what it is, but this page is very much me. More so than I feel any other page in this collection so far is. From my love of zebra print and striped socks in the band, to the memories of circles, my mom’s colour scheme, flowers (which I doodle all the time) and Asian influences with the washi tape. There’s not a lot of writing, but it’s me. Pure and simple.


  1. The vibrant RED of the maiden, MOTHER, crone.

  2. I love this, the whole journal idea this work the fact that you have invited us on the ride ......I only found you and this blog a wee whle ago.....and although i havent started you have in fact inspired my hermity muse to re appear. Ill be honest, cant see me doing each week but its inspired me to try, to explore...thank you for these posts and your have woken up a creative sleeper.

  3. Julie, what an absolutely lovely thing to say. Thank you. I'm glad that others are joining up, everyone else's work is so inspiring to me. I can't wait to see what you create!

  4. Hmm I'm a day late - oh well - lovely page -- love it. (I like striped socks too! & my purse is zebra print) Well, I am off to brainstorm - or just see what flows outta me -- both works well! I will post at WW101 when done :-)

  5. Hello Aradia,

    Your journal is really looking nice. Love the red.
    I started a little late but I'm catching up. I'm working on my week 5 letter. The I believe week made me do some serious thinking. We're so prone to say what we don't believe. I had to turn those negatives into positives. So I'm still adding thoughts to that page. Please come and check out my PAJ and let me know your thoughts.
    Paulette/Sage Moon

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments. Things have been a bit hectic on my end lately so I apologize if I haven't visited your journals/blogs recently. I'm on my way to play catch up now!

  7. Washi tape is a great idea! I have some origami paper i can't wait to use on future pages, Happy Ostara

  8. origami paper! i like it. i'm currently obsessed with washi paper but now i'll have to explore some origami down the road! great idea.


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