Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 7}

This week’s prompt: Water

In keeping with last week’s page, I played with paint in a very similar manner:


Textured paint and spritzed water (only in blue this time) along with some Indian motif flowers, created with a stamp I have in my stash.


This one is simpler than the last, but is all about what water is to me. My memories, what it evokes, and the way it merges into my practice. I probably should have started with fire, or the east but it was a very water day when I created the page! What can I say.

Nothing fancy about the page. No embellishments. Aside from the stamp, the page is done in Amsterdam Brilliant Blue paint, White, and Black, + a bit of water.


  1. It looks super fancy and peaceful to me. I could stare at that color forever... maybe because that shade of blue is my Piano Man's favorite.

    I just finished the introduction to my own little contribution. It was fun and therapeutic to put together. It is very simple, I can't pain or draw with the types you mediums your artistic self can master, but I can draw very nice pictures with words; I'm using my strengths. I'll post it on the 18th.

    You know what? When I joined I didn't think it was going to be a fun; I saw it more like a challenge. But I'm happy to have been wrong--I'm having a wonderful time!

  2. Um... make that the 21st, my schedule is a mess and I was looking at the wrong thing *sigh*

  3. Aradia, this page is gorgeous in its simplicity! I love the water so this should be a fun page to do.

    Sigh . . . I'm still working on Week 2 but should get caught up within the week. Where does the time go? Must say I haven't been feeling very inspired, but this too shall pass!

    Keep up the great work and I hope to be caught up with you soon.

    I wanted to thank you too for visiting my blog and leaving your comments this morning . . . you brightened my day! I wish I lived closer too so that we could play together! LOL!

    Have a blessed day,

  4. Magaly: I'm looking forward to seeing what you created. And don't worry about your skills. Honestly, a year ago when I started art journaling I would have said the exact same thing. Part of what is great about art journaling is that it (for me at least) takes away the stress of needing the art to be great. It's about playing and having fun. For most of last year I only ever thought of any art I created as "playing with paint."

    Tereza: Don't stress about catching up. I think that feeling like you NEED or MUST do all the prompts is setting yourself up for a lot of stress. Do this week's prompt if you have time and see how it goes. Simple. No pressure. Just some fun and a little bit of introspection. And I'm glad that the comment brightened your day. Yay, I love comments too!

  5. Love this one, I'm a true water baby in all sense (Cancer too lol) Just getting Week 4 on the go now and having so much fun!! It's very calming and relaxing unlike when I work on physical drawings, etc. as I'm just enjoying it and not caring if the lines are perfect, etc. hehe

  6. oh love this one too water............. hmmm bliss ive done a lot of watery projects over the last few months as i thought water wasnt one of the elements that i connected to so much but i was so wrong it all fell into place eventually :) now im a right water baby posting my caatch ups soon x

  7. I just love this page! It absolutely invokes the essence of water. So peaceful.

    I am afraid I am behind on my pages-- my Letter to Self is halfway done, Goddess & Water... still exploring what they mean to me & how I want to represent that...

  8. thanks. i'm looking forward to seeing what you've all created as they come in, on your own schedules of course. remember, no beating yourselves up allowed. this is a fun project that will hopefully also lead to a bit of introspection and such, but above all, it's meant to be fun! if it stops being fun and feels like too much work, give yourself permission to stop, take a break, or just lighten things up!

  9. I love this, the color combinations were perfect and your posts always inspire me to try scrap-booking too!


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