Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 8}

this week: realisations

What realisation have you gone through recently?


I’m on a simple page kick (mostly just simple backgrounds and text). Lately I’ve been reassessing my sense of self during meditation and it has made for some rather interesting self realisations.


What about the rest of you? What are some of your recent realisations?


  1. Lovely and eclectic. I love all the swirling going on.

    P.S. I drew a leaf...

  2. Love the colour simple yet beautiful and very affective i admire your pages the layers and embeishments make them so full if depth and thought. I love seeing scrapbooks done this way but never could do it justive myself lol

  3. I love the theme!! And your page is beautiful!!

  4. Ah very cool page! Good topic too. I wish I could've kept up. Been going through a 'spiritual wasteland' if you will and I just haven't felt like doing anything related to my path. But I'm starting to pick myself up so I hope to catch up. I'm also going to have very limited access to the internet for a while so I might not be able to keep up very well either but I hope to!

  5. I love the last two prompts. I think your page is lovely and this prompt realisation is a very ampt prompt for me this week. Hugs Sara

  6. Thanks. So glad that you enjoyed the prompt. Life has been awash with realisations on my end, so I just felt that this week's prompt had to be about that topic (cause you know, it's all about me!) :P

  7. Reminds me of marble. People who sculpt say the marble speaks to them, revealing what the sculpture should be before its ever cut. Each time a new realization... well there's my deep thought of the day! lol ;)


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