Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 9}

This week’s prompt: earth


What does the element of earth mean to you? How do you connect to this element?


I’ll be honest, I struggled with this prompt. I started the background earlier in the week, but even though I have no problem with the element itself, sitting down to write about it was a bit of a challenge.

So the page is a bit of a hodge podge collection of various things that relate to this element in my life lately.


  1. This prompt has my creative juices flowing.
    I love what you've done with it.
    Do you remember as a child the first time you buried your toes in dust/dirt warmed by a summer's sun? It was wonderful, I felt rooted to the earth. The feeling has stayed with me all through the years.
    I've always gone barefoot more than I have ever worn shoes. Thank you for stirring up that memory.

    Paulette/Sage Moon

  2. Love all the warm colors on the page, rather reminds me of a garden at sunset. The descriptive words you use are very evocative of earth...

    I'm behind, but here are the ones I've gotten done so far:

  3. lol I had a lot of trouble with the last prompt and only just got it finished today...I think this one will be a little difficult, but it wouldn't be as much fun without having to sit back and think!

  4. I love this prompt!! I am working on getting caught up and will probably have links to pics and this page over the weekend.

  5. I love that everything screams Earth: the colors, the textures, the drawings and the writing. How gorgeous. I can't wait to try this one out!

    I haven't said this, or maybe I have, but in different ways. But here it goes: THANK YOU! I like the fact that your project made me step out of my comfy cauldron and do something different and fun.

  6. So many great comments... where to begin (ok, with the beginning)!

    @Paulette, Your comment totally made me remember playing in the earth in this small acre of forest behind my home as a child... NOSTALGIA! I thought that place was pure magic. We explored all of the hidden secrets there, from watching caterpillars cocoon, to digging in the earth, and searching for faeries. I love that your comment made me think about how magical that place was too me!

    @intothedawn & lilac silverfox: no worries about the prompts. wandering over to see them as soon as I finish this reply!

    @AlphaBetsy: have I mentioned that I love your user name yet? Can't wait to see what you've created

    @Magaly: Thank you. You're so sweet. And I'm glad that you're enjoying the process more than you expected to. I can't say it enough, I love art journaling and am happy that others joining in.

  7. Love the feel of your page... sorry I've been gone awhile. Just finished 2 of the ones I am behind on --in the process of creating the posts for them.

  8. Stress got the best of me and I put journaling on pause, but when I sat down to work on this prompt last week I noticed all the crap that life had piled on just melting away. I love how letting your creativity flow on to paper gives you time to think, thanks again for great prompts, I love the textures in this page and the little faces hidden in the flowers!


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