Thursday, March 24, 2011

scrapbooked: astrology 1

Lately I’ve been redoing my astrology chart and rediscovering the secret gems of self information contained within it.


I think I’ll end up making this a 2 page (or a 4) spread because there’s so much information to include on this subject.

I kept the page itself really simple because the text/info was the majority of the page. The only real nods to scrapbooking on the page: an extra dash of colour behind the wheel and some letter stickers for the title.


If you can read charts, you may now know all there is to know about me, good and bad!


  1. gosh I wish I could read charts. I had a atrology reading done once it was really interesting. Hugs Sara

  2. If you're interested, this is the book I started with and it's been a great tool:


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