Thursday, March 3, 2011

scrapbooked: vanilla extract

So this week’s scrapbook page is more about working with herbs, creating a simpler more organic life and cooking.

For a long time I’ve wanted to make my own vanilla extract and a little while ago, I finally did.

2 vanilla beans + 2 cups vodka

and voila:


I took some time to talk about the medicinal qualities of vanilla as well as some of the magical uses associated with it. This was more of what I had in mind when I started this book of shadow project, so I’m happy with seeing part of the project come into better focus.

At some point I’ll probably add more to the page in the upper area, as I learn more about the plant and what it can be used for.


  1. I really like these pages! You are definitely giving me ideas for my own BOS...

  2. thanks! I'm experimenting with new styles and I quite like this one... though I'd have gone with less circles if it weren't for the f*** up that they're hiding! :p

  3. LOL! Embellishments are great for that, aren't they?


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