Tuesday, March 15, 2011

things that make you go hmmm...

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Right now I'm working my way through the book, The Witches Qabala, by Ellen Cannon Reed. It's prompted a great deal of thought and in light of recent events in Japan, I wanted to share some of what I've been pondering in relation to the text. She writes:

All the energies represented by the Tree will function as they must. If blocked, they will try to burst through the blockage. With the energies of Geburah, this could result in a war, or some natural disaster.

First things first: I am NOT trying to imply in any way that the Japanese are blocked or responsible for the earthquake and tsunami.

I am however, curious about what this idea of blocked energy means in relation to natural disasters.

Is Mother Earth fighting back? Or is it solely due to global warming's influence? Or is it a combination of the earth fighting back in response to global warming? Is it Mother Earth working through Geburah like an incision, cutting away the sick parts of us in order to re balance? Or to send us a message? From a scientific perspective, it seems like we're seeing a rise in natural disasters because the temperatures are rising. But then again, disasters have always existed so maybe this is too reductive a way of thinking?

Or is this sense that I have that there are more natural disasters in recent a by-product of the global village age of mass media culture? Are there really more disasters or just more news coverage?

But what if it's more? What if it's a question of all of our (collective humanity) blocked energy manifesting itself not only on the astral/spiritual plane, but also the physical? Is our misused energy creating chaos as it forces it's way out? Literally shifting the surface to break free?

Oh, I know that I'm a modern, rational pagan but I'm also a lit geek and metaphors are my trade. So if we extend the metaphor and give our ancestors more credit for being in tune with the earth, maybe there is merit in analyzing our current state through this lens. Often it feels like we shy away from the mythic by rationalizing it all away as a childish world view; an attempt to understand the world based on little scientific understanding of the world. But maybe there's something to be said for putting the 2 perspectives together in order to see a bigger picture of the events occurring in our world.

So while I'm sort of focusing on Japan at the moment because this is our current reality, any natural disaster could be a reaction to the pent up energies we've created. After all, if energy never ceases to exist, merely transforms, who is to say that our energies don't transform. I think this strikes a cord for me even more when I think about how many times I've done visualization exercises that focus on sending energy down into the earth, grounding, exchanging, drawing from etc the ground beneath my feet.

Maybe we (as a collective unconscious) are all a part of the cycle that is creating this chaos, both physically and spiritually? What do you think?

*Quick note: if you've never read this book, you should. It's very thought provoking and I stop every few pages to ponder what these ideas mean in relation to my world view.


  1. I believe the answer is: tectonic plates.

  2. I personally believe Mother Nature is just getting fed up with is as a whole and sending her warnings. Sounds like an interesting read though!

  3. I think that we are so stressed out as a race that the answer to your question might be a scary and sad "yes".

  4. Let's just say that The Earth is always changing and natural disasters have scientific explanations, but when looking for the Mother Nature I see her in those helping the survivors recover, the people trying to save or clean up the ecosystem of the area and the amazing way the Earth heals herself over time no matter what we throw at her. I'll have to check this book out.

  5. I'm not sure what I believe at the moment, but I find it an interesting thought to chew on. Obviously I believe there is a scientific explanation for all of it but the idea in the book prompted me to think about the other side of things and it was a fascinating thought (albeit scary)!


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