Monday, March 14, 2011

today i am

Today I am:
Viewing: videos of the Japanese tsunami
Thinking: about what it means if wicca is a religion vs a path
Creating: invitations for my mother in laws’ 65th birthday
Planning: ideas & outlines of projects I want to develop
Reading: handouts from masterful scrapbook design & The Witches Qabala
Listening: to ambient music on iTunes radio
Realizing: that I’m burnt out & reminding myself that this too shall pass
Trying: to learn new scrapbook techniques
Feeling: the need to shake things up


  1. ohhh I like-y! I may steal this and then link back to you:)

  2. No need to link back, but thanks. It's an idea that is all over the web so it's not unique to me in any way!

  3. Aradia, I love this! It's always nice to know what others are thinking because it gets one to thinking too about things that maybe they wouldn't have thought of. I really like this idea too . . . I may share something like this on my blog to . . . need to wait for that ah-ha moment! LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Blessed Be,


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