Wednesday, March 16, 2011

today i am

Today I am:
Viewing: blogs. lots and lots of blogs via my google reader, comments, & link up
Thinking: diversity & what it means to paganism since it's a tradition that is mainly attractive to WASP s... and wanting to branch out and hear voices of non-WASP pagans (not that it's a bad thing to be a WASP pagan... I'm a WASP)
Creating: just finished episode 2 podcast, phew....
Planning: ideas & outlines of projects I want to develop
Reading: The Witches Qabala: the chapter on Tifareth
Listening: to 80s tunes on iTunes radio
Realizing: that things are starting to settle and cancer moons play havoc on me (this is the 2nd one that I've noticed and there seems to be a trend... and this time my  husband unknowingly noticed it too). a theory is starting to form....
Trying: to catch up on all the blogging stuff that I've been ignoring
Feeling: thankful that scheduled posting saved my ass over the past 2 weeks!

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  1. Thank you so much!! Seems like you have a lot on the go too hehe


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