Thursday, April 14, 2011

new project? pagan art journal circle

Ok, I might be the biggest glutton for punishment but when I was listening to the podcast Paperclipping Roundtable, I was struck by the fact that I want to participate in an art journal circle.

Don't know what a circle is? It's basically a group of people who sign up to co-create a book/collection of work together. So, for example, I would do a page, then mail the book on to the next person on the list, who would then mail it to the next person, etc, etc, until the book gets mailed full circle. The book can go around once, or several times. It's up to the participants.

I think it would be fun and since you only make one page, it only really requires a little bit of work... no huge time commitment, you know? Minimal commitment.

And then it could be about something pagan/spiritual related. Like words of inspiration. Fragments of wisdom that struck a cord. Advice. Thoughts. Meditations on the divine. We could pick one theme and run with it, or just let everyone pick their own topic and pass it on in order to see what everyone comes up with.

But then I wonder about logistics. For example, would it be fair that only one person would be left with a book? Should all participants start a book and mail it on until it comes back to them? How do you keep track of the book(s) so that no one drops the chain?

I don't know. What do you think? Would it be fun? Or just too much work? Would anyone be interested in trying it?



  1. I would be interested! Let me know details and such. I think it's a great idea because we could use pagan imagery in it and not worry about offending. ;)

  2. sweet! I'll let you know. As long as there are at least 5 of us to keep it interesting, I'll arrange it. If it's too big it'll get too crazy.

  3. I'd totally be interested in doing something like this, however, because I'm a greedy little art collector - I like the idea of sending out our own books. As far as tracking goes, within the US you can use a delivery confirmation number for each shipment, but outside of that we'd have to use the honor system. Which shouldn't be a problem with a group like ours! ;)

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I would totally be down with the idea. I too like the idea of sending out our own books. Something that might else be a good idea is to add a small tag or some sort of embellishment to the pages that you complete so the other person would always know who completed the various pages in their book (I'm horrible at remembering stuff like that lol).

  5. no worries, I'm totally all about wanting my own copy! I'll have to look into the tracking... lone Cdn over here!

    I think that we would have to be conscientious about the size of book we choose... nothing to heavy cause trust you me, Canada post is expensive!

    glad to see there's interest. I'll give it a few days to sit with others

  6. I think it sounds like a lot of fun! I was thinking of doing something similar with a small sketchbook being passed around in a sort of creativity friendship booklet for penpals.
    Yes, nothing to big/heavy for sure postage is crazy....and I love the idea of making a little signature of some sort so everyone knows who has done what, although I also like the idea of our own books so we can keep it in the although that depends how many people sign up too LOL

  7. If we go ahead and get enough interest and get this rolling, I would send out one of the thinner paperback moleskine book. They're pretty durable and fairly light, the pages are a little thin so some thing bleed through, but if people did one or two pages every other set of pages so I could glue the blank ones together(does that make sense?) or put a base coat of some sort down, that issue can be alleviated.

  8. I LOVE this idea! I,too, would like to send my own book around so that I have something to keep when its all over.

    I was thinking along the same lines as Danni, that a moleskine might be the way to go. They're easily available & I think the size is clearly marked on them so once we decide on a size it wouldn't be too hard to make sure to pick up the right one.

  9. let's do it! if everyone who has commented is still on board, we're 6, which is manageable (at least for me) cause it won't get too time consuming or expensive. Plus, smaller groups are more accountable to one another so there's less risk with things falling to the wayside.

    i'll leave it open for another few days for others to join in but maybe we could start figuring out what each of us wants to see.

    Here's what I've got so far:

    1 book each, preferably a small moleskine because they're lightweight

    we skip pages in order to be able to glue them together to create stronger backgrounds to work with.(I think Danni explained this better, see her comment if I've just confused you!)

    Here are my questions:

    Should we have a theme?

    Or a timeline we should give ourselves to complete our page, just to keep things running smoothly? (Say 2 weeks from the day you receive the journal?)

    Anyone have anything else????

  10. oh, and another question...

    addresses. How do we want to handle them? Do I collect them and just give you the one person in the chain who you are responsible for sending on to (so you'll know 2 addresses, the person you receive from and the person you send to) or do we agree that the addresses will be shared (privately via email) between all of us?

  11. I think 2 weeks from the day you receive is a good timeline. That allows for the unexpected to happen and one not to feel totally stressed because of the time crunch if something did happen.

    My question is how small is too small for the moleskin. I'm thinking of picking up a 3.5 inch x 5.5 inch one. Is that a comfortable size to work with or is the 5"x8" better?

    I'm flexible so if themes are agreed upon or not that's fine with me.

    I'm ok with however you want to handle addresses. I know it's no help at all lol.

  12. I'd love to participate in this journal circle. Let me know if it's still open.

  13. I have done something like this before.. and it began with: we all created our own cover.. and sent it on to the next person in the circle.. by creating our own cover we kind of showed what we were like and others followed suit..
    I am in! will email you

  14. oh and we had a blog and were all authors so we could show as we went.. but a yahoo chat group would work as well..
    I think we could have a theme.. either of our own or loosely along the Book of Shadows/Wheel of the year.. I created a wheel of the year one for a friend and it was beautiful.
    we do need a due date each time.. 2 weeks is good.
    if too many join up, you could always have groups.. I am willing to help organize if you wish.
    I am in Australia so postage is a consideration..


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