Wednesday, April 13, 2011

pagan art journal {week 11}

This week’s prompt: books


What books have you loved? Which books have influenced you most? What was the first book you ever read about paganism and what did you think of it? And what do you think of it now?


Mine was A Witch Alone by M Green and I still think it’s a great first book to start with. Skimming through it again, before doing this prompt, I was amazed by how much she hints at that I only understand now. The same applies with V. Crowley’s book Wicca.

I don't speak about it much here, but I am a total bookworm. As in, I was the kid who would walk to school reading a book, who would be late for class because I all caught up in what I was reading on my walk to school, who stayed up all night reading instead of sleeping. I was the roommate who would tune out flat mates while reading, much to their frustration. I am the wife who will ignore her husband for days on end while binge reading a good novel. I am also the guest you'll invite to the cottage who will get lost in a good book while everyone else is drinking and playing boardgames.

I also did a master's degree in English Literature and love it when I get to talk about fiction and poetry with students. I love watching them come to life when a story speaks to them. I love the moment they realize that books tell them about the world they live in and they don't have to be dry and boring. Even if you don't like the book, the story can reveal so much about the world and society it was written in. I love books. And I will probably always have obsessive tendencies when it comes to reading. I'm working on it, but book are friends to me. They've taught me about the world, myself, history, philosophy. More than movies, more than TV, books speak to me.

What does this have to do with this week's prompt? Everything! Nothing? No really, everything. Because the book that I wrote about brought wicca to life for me. It opened the door. Before the film industry started putting out movies about wicca/paganism, before wicca was even really a movement, before I found witchvox or started going to public circles, I read this book and started working on carving out a new spiritual path for myself.

I devoured the book and then reread it and put notes in the margins and highlighted pieces of text that spoke to me. And I go back now and realize 2 things:

1. that I highlighted WAY too much text!
2. that the things that spoke to me then have become so deeply internalized that it is surprising to see the revealing epiphany comments in the margin and realize... this is where it all began. This is it.

Oh sure, it's a 101 book but that's what it was meant to be. But I also recognize deeper truths in the text. Things she was pointing at that I didn't see then. Regardless of how many 101 books I've read and passed on, this one will always stay on my shelf, if for nothing more than sentimental reasons.


  1. Lovely!! I finished last week's yesterday...this one is pretty easy for me, as books are my life as well!

  2. This should be interesting; really interesting... ;-)


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