Wednesday, April 6, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 10}

this week’s prompt: fear


What do you fear on this path? What things give you pause and make you wonder about paganism with apprehension? What things have you experimented with that have given you shivers?


For me, there are a lot of things on this path that I fear. Oh, don’t get me wrong, overall I love this path and all the wonderful things it brings to my life.


But I do have fears. I fear the idea that maybe this is all an illusion. That maybe I took too many drugs as a teen and now what I think I am seeing and experiencing is all just a series of well disguised flashbacks or wishful thinking. I fear that maybe, just maybe, I might be a little bit crazy! And that pathwork, which opens me up to so many things, might be opening me up a bit too much…

That maybe, by opening the floodgates, I won’t always be able to control (or be equipped to deal with) what comes my way.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, that my fears and need for a safety net will prevent me from opening up to experience some of the greater gifts and truths that are out there.

Mostly though, I fear the what if, what if, what if…


  1. Another very thought provoking prompt. Gunna have the last two posted up on my blog today :D

  2. Fear can be a disabler, if you let it grow to large. The trick is to keep it small and use it as a sign of where you need to improve, grow ,learn or let go.
    It's not an easy thing to do and at 56 years I'm still learning how to deal with it. I can say that as I walk this path I have realized how it has helped me see the fears of my past and I'm letting them go. As I do this I feel myself growing stronger and more sure of who I am. Fear can be a teacher.

  3. I have that very same fear.. that my belief is all an illusion..and you are always protected so don't fear that you won't be equipped to handle whatever comes your way.. as long as your path is walked in LoVe xoxo

  4. @lilac, thanks. Glad to be thought provoking

    @RPL: agreed. I think I wanted to do a page on fear because I think talking about it helps demystify it, you know? And we can learn from hearing that others have the same fears so that it's this unique thing we experience in a bubble alone

    @miss*R, thx. it's nice to know i'm not alone!

  5. This one is a very difficult one; not because I don't know how to express it, but because of the implications. In fact, I've been thinking about this for many days. I should have this prompt and the ones I owe *grin* in a few days.

  6. Magaly,

    No worries. I knew that this would be a hard prompt for most people. It was for me too. For me, I opted to go with general comments that touched at deeper ideas that I think of when I read the journaling. Maybe that will help?


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