Wednesday, April 6, 2011

today i am

Thinking: About holidays!!! Where should I go? I have 4 weeks... what to do, what to do... And can I afford it if we buy a house this year?
Creating: a Sarah McLachlan lyrics inspired mini art journal booklet (I'll share when it's done.... she's got a lot of great lines for self-analysis) AND a green cleaning tag booklet of cleaning recipes.
Planning: my next podcast (sneak peek: Mesoptamian art, Enki the god of craft and wisdom, pagan art journaling updates)
Reading: about Mesoptamia & the history of the Golden Dawn/Western Hermetic tradition
Listening: Sarah McLachlan (can you tell that I just went to her concert and I'm currently obsessed)?
Realizing: That I might have enabled a toxic relationship/friendship because I always accommodate my friend's needs at the expense of my own because she's so sensitive in nature
Trying: to figure out what the hell I'm going to do about it!
Feeling: a little overwhelmed by some of the clarity that my practice is bringing into my life these days. Some days I wish I could crawl back into ignorance and ignore some of the dynamics I've contributed to creating in my life. Ok, I don't really mean that, but sometimes the realisations are untimely and yet long overdue. They're both a relief and a source of sadness. But I'm glad for them nonetheless. I'm glad that my meditation practice continues to bring so much clarity into my mundane, every day life.



  1. If I could have a magickal holiday,I would spend it at Susun Weeds' Wise Woman Center in upstate New York : see her offerings @

  2. ohhhh... magical holiday... that's an entirely new direction to ponder in terms of vacation time. Oh my husband is not going to be pleased! :P


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