Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 15}

This week’s prompt: dreams


I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I’m a big dreamer. In fact, I’d venture a guess that I might dream (and recall my dreams) more than the average individual. My husband, friends, and roommates have all commented on this. It’s not unusual to hear me saying… “I had the strangest dream last night.”


At this point in my practice, I’m actually trying to remember and interpret my dreams. Because I have some dreams that seem mundane and meaningless and others that seem quite prophetic in nature. It’s those prophetic dreams that I wanted to pay tribute to in this art journal page.


  1. I love all the greens. You love green, don't you?

    I have to say that I stopped saying "I had the strangest dream..." a long time ago. My dreams are very uncanny and I love them. Okay, I'm not crazy about the scary ones, but I appreciate the fact that my brain is trying to deal with fears and my psyche is telling me what to watch for.

  2. Do I use that much green? That's interesting because in reality I'm much more of a blue and purple person.

    Yeah, I love that I'm a big dreamer. I love how fascinating dreams are, mine and others.

  3. I too have always been a dreamer and I can recall most. When I've been mulling over a problem, I'll dream and when I recall exactly what was in the dream, place, people, feelings, by repeating it outloud I discover the answer was there in the images.
    Have you ever visited the same place in different dreams?


  4. Wow! Your artwork is beautiful. I dream a lot, too. I've been learning a lot from them lately. Journaling them like this would probably help, although my will be notebook paper and stick people. Thanks for the idea!

  5. @Paulette, Yes I have dreamt of similar locations across dreams or have had dreams where I'm aware that I've been in that location before even as I'm dreaming it. It's like a weird dream deja vu.

    @Just a Gal: thanks, that's very sweet of you. I actually my phone to record my dreams when I get up and then revisit them later in the day. It helps me remember them better. Transferring them onto paper does present somewhat of a challenge though... so if you do it with stick figures, that's awesome!


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