Thursday, May 26, 2011

what do you do?

On a personal note...

I've been feeling very drained lately and while I know life, being life, the ups and downs are bound to happen. It's part of the learning and growing process and I'm ok with that cycle. That said, these days I'm working on trying to figure out what I need to do to help regain my energies and reinvogorate my practice.

For those of you out there who've struggled with this lull, what have you done that has helped you through it? I'd love pick your brains for some advice if you have some! 



  1. Well, I just posted a few days ago about feeling drained and tired and people had some really good ideas. Here are the ones I've been trying: More sunshine, a vitmin, more water, more healthy protein, a hot bath, meditation and time to myself. Especially the water and the vitamin. Those have really been helping me. One I would add is watching something funny--stand up comedy or a funny movie. Laughter helps.

  2. Make sure you eat three meals and a healthy snack when you need it. I am on medication but I still have to remember to eat right and take a walk. If you have a dog take the dog for a walk and get out and trick yourself into exercising this way. Also, I realize some days I am just kind of feeling blah and it's ok to just "be" with that. You could also plan something fun so you have something to look forward to coming up. Even a day trip in the car maybe? Not sure if any of that helps but I thought I would offer. :)

  3. I Allow myself to have the five of cups feeling for a while but then I try to act my way out of it. Of course if it is something serious acting your way out of it is never going to happen. Sunshine is a great mood lifter. If there isn't any of that around your way what can you do to bring some brightness into your life? Maybe a little self indulgent treat? Something nice for your art journal?

  4. thank you for all the thoughts. it's been an intense few months over here and hopefully things will settle and I'll be able to get back to that even keel place. for now, art and multi vitamins!


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