Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 18}

Holy crap, we’re at week 18. That’s pretty amazing. The time has flown by so quickly!

This week’s prompt: what i wish others knew about my beliefs

We live in a world that can have a lot of misconceptions about the various paths that we’re traveling, so if you could, what would you want others to know about your path?


There are a lot of things that I wished people understood about my path. First and foremost, that it requires a lot of self discipline and hard work from me. Sometimes at levels that the people around me struggle to comprehend. My husband, for example, will ask, when he’s feeling a bit neglected, can’t you just play hooky and come for breakfast, or skip circle and spend time with me? For him, missing church is like that. For me, missing my daily practice or the full moon ritual… well it potentially throws things off balance for me. Which means that I tend to have a hard time getting back to the meditation mat because I’m not self-disciplined by nature. It may not seem like it because I’ve been diligent about doing each week, but really, I’m thrilled that I’ve been so good about keeping on track with things!


And the most important thing that I want people to understand about my path is to judge me by the way that I act, not my beliefs. Because even if you don’t agree with them, I’m sure you can see that I live life ethically and with integrity. I’m a good person who is socially responsible and who strives to be as honest and as non-hypocritical as possible. In fact, I wish that people did that for everyone. Regardless of all the other stuff that tends to come in between, it’d be nice if we judge people on their actions because words and beliefs don’t always measure up.


There are a lot of other things that would be nice for people to know, but these are the ones that are most important to me. At least for now!


  1. wouldn't it be a wonderful world if no one judged anyone and we just accepted them for who they are?

  2. Your journal page is so great! Also, its wonderful that you keep up with your circle and meditation the way you do. It seems like the slightest thing is capable from drawing me away from my practices. Thanks for inspiring me to change that.

  3. @lisa: hells yes. it would be amazing and wonderful!

    @Dreaming: I'm glad to help inspire the idea of doing the practices. I know that it's hard, trust me, I get distracted easily too... but I just keep coming back and it gets easier. I'm blessed because I have others who help me stay on track and inspire me through the rough patches. It makes a big difference.

  4. I love this prompt. :) I am so excited to make my own page. And I greatly admire your devotion. I need to begin regular practice. Maybe this experience will help that along.

  5. @AlphaBetsy, blush, thanks. But don't let the interwebs fool you. I am doing the work, but I get sidetracked too. It happens. But I'm I'm working on it!

    Can't wait to see what you create.

  6. Hi! I was told about this project by one of my bloggy it too late for me to join in? This looks like great fun....and I think it would be a wonderful tool for me right now.

  7. Hi Celia, No, it's never too late to join. Let me know when you've started and I'll link you to the link up page.

  8. Ok....great!!! I will let you know when I have gathered my supplies!! Yay! I think I'll start with this week and then go back and do the others that I've missed.


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