Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 22}

Summer is here and this week’s prompt: the element of Fire

IMG_1088[1]  IMG_1087[1]

For me, fire isn’t an element I spend a lot of time with, which is odd considering how much of my chart is actually in the element of fire (I’m all earth and fire baby).


And yet, I love fire. I love watching fires, I love the energy of fire, I love that it brings things to life and makes things active. Maybe I am just scared of getting burned…..


  1. Wonderful post and your art is gorgeous! My sister has a lot of earth/fire throughout her chart as well. Great combination.

  2. Great page :) im a fire sign but not my element really... we made fire wands back last summer and learnt how to fire dance but i was terrified :$

  3. A real piece of art.

    Here's my art


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