Thursday, July 28, 2011

pagan penpal update

Hello all! Just a quick note. I never mentioned this cause I'm just a little stupid about the self promotion stuff, but in case you weren't aware of this, my little blog has recently had a lot of hits because of an article I wrote on Witchvox. You can find the article here. This means, if you signed up for a penpal, you may be contacted by some people who didn't actually fill out a profile because I never stipulated that this was a requirement. I'm now changed that in order to create a little bit more accountability and ability to follow up on the people who have contacted you.

Updated info on the penpal page:

Rules/Guidelines/Tips for safety:

1. If you want to participate in this exchange you must create a profile so that the person you contact can get a sense of who you are.

2. Exchange emails a bit before handing out your address. Get a sense of each other before giving out your personal details. Trust your gut.

3. Remember that if you're looking for a penpal, don't just wait for someone to contact you. Contact them! Take charge of who you write by making the decision for yourself!!!

4. If at ANY time you feel like you aren't comfortable with something, please email me at: aradiascauldron @ gmail . com and I will try to help you out. That said, please don't hold me responsible for who contacts you if you sign up. Once the info is on the web, there isn't much I can do to control where it goes. BUT, that said, if you aren't comfortable with continuing to have your profile up, please know that you can contact me at any time and I will remove it!

Happy writing!


new project: scrapbooked book of shadows, revamped

Ok, I was trying the conventional scrapbooking route for a book of shadows, but it wasn’t working for me the way I wanted it too. I thought that I would convert my pages into an 8.5 x 11 album and that maybe that would help refresh things for me. But no, not so much.

And then I realized it was just because I didn’t feel like the pages were vintage enough for me. I wanted that magical grimoire of old aesthetic and my modern pages just weren’t capturing it!

So I went back to the basics and started with tea staining some pages in an art sketch book I have:


If you look closely you’ll notice a few things about this photo. First, the trivial stuff: my owl apron and purple toes. Have I mentioned that I love owls? And purple? Yeah. I do. And that I always paint with an apron cause I’m a bit of a chaotic mess with the paint and well, hell, it gives me an excuse to buy and make aprons, which I love. LOVE! Also, that my work desk is a bit of a disaster (thank gods for the crop tool, which cuts out the worst of it).

Ok, now the serious stuff! On the right side are the staining things I used. A bowl with water and tea bags for the base stain coat. Tim Holtz distress inks in vintage photo and antique linen to create more texture and depth to the background colour.  I also used tape to reinforce the seems between the pages. On the left you can see the first wash of colour using the tea stain only.

IMG_1145[1] IMG_1146[1]

After the tea stain, I dabbed a wet brush into my ink pads and blended it into the page. The photos are of the vintage photo ink being blended into the page.

And then I started playing with stamps, paper, and texture. I actually find the vintage stamps from Tim Holtz to be great for creating that antique feel but also loved the look of my leaf stamp on the page. Here are some of the pages I’ve created so far:

IMG_1151[1] IMG_1152[1] IMG_1154[1]

IMG_1153[1] IMG_1155[1] IMG_1156[1]

I like some better than others. As my husband pointed out, the sticker letters don’t quite fit with the antique page feel on the moon in taurus page. Ironically, I think the moon in capricorn (2nd in top row) looks better in person than in the photo but have realized that I need to brush up on my calligraphy skills if I really want to create that antique look.

At the end of the day, I’m still pretty pleased with the book so far because it’s really just a trial book to see what works and doesn’t work. And I think that I’m starting to get a sense of that as I go. And once I get the foundation right, I’ll start reworking the actual scrapbook page.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 26}

This week’s prompt: magical name

I’ve written about choosing magical names before (here) but have never done an art journal page devoted to the subject, so this week I thought I’d give it a go!

IMG_1149[1] IMG_1150[1]

To start this prompt, I decided to tear out some pages of an old French dictionary I have but never use. I know it seems sacrilegious but honestly, the book is so old that this just gives me an excuse to actually buy a good, new and more useful French dictionary (if I ever find the need for one). But I thought it was fitting to tear out word definitions for a prompt that is all about defining your pagan identity. To add a little touch of magic into the mix, I tore out the definitions of magic in French. The added benefit of using the French dictionary words was the tie in to my middle name.


I opted to keep the page simple and just tell a bit of the story behind the name I go by online as my magical identity, which is an extension of my true self. My mother was told that she was never going to have children because she wouldn’t be able to carry them to term. So when she made it through a rough pregnancy to deliver me prematurely and after I managed to make it out of the ICU, my mom wanted a name that reflected the gift she felt she’d been given. She chose Faye because it is the French word for fairy (fee), and because she felt like I was her miracle or little piece of magic. I love this story and have grown up hearing it. On top of which, my mother comes from a family tradition where your middle name is your spiritual name, thus my spiritual name is that of a fairy before the divine.

I’ve always felt that this was a little bit of a perfect piece of serendipity, having a spiritual name that linked me to the magical realm of faery. It was link, on some level, my mother (or the universe) already knew where I would likely to go. In fact, in another little bit of odd coincidence, the other names on the table for me as first names included: Cassandra or Delilah, and the other middle name she was considering was Ophelia. (My mother really had a theme going of sad, cursed, magical or thwarted women… and my real first name is in keeping with that theme)! So I’ll take my little piece of magic where I can, thank you very much!

By the by, this week marks the middle point of the 52 week project! So far prompts have covered:

  1. intentions
  2. love/heart
  3. i believe
  4. nature
  5. letter to self in 5 years
  6. goddess
  7. water
  8. realizations
  9. earth
  10. fears
  11. books
  12. lesson from family
  13. spells vs prayers
  14. broom closet
  15. dreams
  16. ethics
  17. pagan pet peeves
  18. what i wish others knew about my beliefs
  19. creating sacred space
  20. what i want to learn
  21. how my path helps me
  22. fire
  23. air
  24. full moon
  25. charity
  26. magical name

If you’re curious and want to look them over, click here!

Monday, July 25, 2011

found: antiqued paper downloads for a book of shadows

I've been rethinking how I want to create my scrapbook book of shadows and I think these pages make for a lovely addition:

Like 'em? Click to link!
How lovely and vintage feeling are they? They were created for a Practical Magic inspired blog party and I think Lyn did an amazing job at recreating pages that capture the feel of the gorgeous book in the movie. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but this book makes me drool with envy and book lust!

What about you? Think you could create your own beautiful book from these pages?


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 25}

This week’s prompt: Charity


What does charity mean to you on your path?

How do you define it?

How important is it?


For me, charity on an international level has always been an easier act than practicing charity locally, which is something I’m working on improving in my life. Be it with the panhandler on the street or the friend in need, or even the act of accepting someone for who (s )he is, I’m trying to remember to live my life with more loving kindness and intentional acts of benevolence (which sort of sounds egotistic but is really just meant to be taken in the best way possible). I still have a very long way to go, but I’m working on it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

found: cauldron cakes

How cute are these cauldron cakes.

Link Love
I know, right? They're totally amazing awesome goodness all wrapped up into a fun witchy inspired deliciousness! [could I use any more adjectives?]

I'm already brewing up plans for a new party! Next sabbat circle....


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

announcing the pagan penpal snail mail project!

Inspired by some of your comments about the art of letter writing, I thought that I would launch a new project: the pagan penpal snail mail project!

But here's the thing, I need your help promoting it and spreading the word. So, for those of you who are willing to blog, tweet, or facebook about it, I will enter your name into a draw to win a stationery inspired prize set, hand crafted by yours truly.

Interested? Great!

I'll give you an entry for each way you spread the word (as long as I have a way to contact you back). So spread the word and then leave me a comment to let me know about it just to be sure I know.

Deadline: Lammas (or Lughnassah) in the Northern Hemisphere. AKA: August 1st 2011.
Entry limits: 3 (blog, facebook, twitter... or viable alternatives)


pagan art journaling {week 24}

This week’s prompt honours the Full Moon ☽ in ♑ that happens in the wee hours of Friday morning.


What does the full moon mean to you? What do you associate with it?

For me the fully moon is a time a magic, of drawing things to you, and of growth.


I wanted to create a page in white, with collage items because I don’t collage much, but that also had a bit of ethereal quality to it. When I came across the angel from Graphic Fairy I thought it would lend the right feel to the page. The text backgrounds are also from Graphic Fairy. (If you don’t know about Graphic Fairy, you should go check her out, especially if you love collage)!

Monday, July 11, 2011

etsy artist feature: steelgoddess

Letter writing. I think in the digital age of emails and texts, letter writing has become a lost art. And yet, receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is still so much fun, isn't it?

Which begs the question, why don't we write more letters?


I miss the feel of a letter in my hands and the box of letters stashed away under my bed. One day, in the distant future, are future generations ever going to appreciate the emails we've exchanged like we appreciate old letters?

Every now and again, I think about all those old letters and go back and reread them. I love my old letters. Which is why I got curious and started looking for stationary that would inspire me to write again. There's lots out there, but this set had just the right eerie/mystical undertone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 23}

 This week's prompt: Air.

We've come full circle (out of order, but still) and are completing the last of the 4 traditional elements. What does Air mean to you?

When I initially started this page, I felt a little at a loss as to how to represent Air. I mean, how do you capture air? I thought about trying to go with trees swaying in the wind or hair mussed up from the wind, which could have been fun ... maybe next time!

Instead I sort of doodle my way around, adding in things that came to me while drawing.


I actually realized that I have quite a few thoughts about Air, from personal to magical, that are scattered all over my page. One of the main thoughts was the idea of thoughts being carried (songs, chants, words) through the air, continuously in the world we live in today. Air carries all these things, all around us, almost covering us, which led me to think about how sometimes we need space away from outside ideas to sort things out. We live in a world that is omnipresent and the Air around us can be thick with possibility or open for interpretation.


All this to say that Air is an intriguing element to me. It can be gentle and soothing or violent and dangerous. It can stir things up in our lives or feel like a warm embrace. It can hit us so hard that it leaves us breathless or carry the scent of flowers.

In open spaces it can feel overwhelming or liberating. In closed spaces it can feel stagnant or safe.

Sometimes we need to contain it in order to be able to use it. On a mundane level, think of oxygen tanks, on an intellectual level, think of needing guidelines or framework in order to be able to give an idea form. The blank page, the text box that I blog into, the time limit for a project.

At other times, we need to break free and embrace the openess of possibility in order to come to terms with our ideas, outside of the influences in the Air around us. Silence, solitude, or space to think things through.

These were a few of the thoughts going through my mind while I created this page. What about you? What does Air stir up in you?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

today i am: july 5th 2011

Viewing: permaculture backyard ideas

Thinking: about home things. I'm obsessed at the moment. It's true!

Creating: a kazillion scrapbook pages. 

Planning: to antique some blank white pages for some new BOS scrapbook pages.
Reading: ABC of Withcraft by Doreen Valiente

Listening:iTunes Radio: Ambience Groove (nice background music while at work)

Realizing: that I'm just never gonna have enough time to get it all done! I've got too many projects on the go.

Trying: sharing studio space with a friend so that we can create some fun crafty goods together to sell online (think sewing and hand stamped house goods)
Feeling:energized. but wishing I didn't have to come to work so that I could craft all day!


Monday, July 4, 2011

etsy artist feature: SueSueSueCrafts

I've been thinking a lot lately about things to revamp my altar space with and I've started noticing that I really have a very Asian (Buddhist) inspired space on my altar. Maybe I need to add a little Celtic into the mix.

With that in mind, I started trolling Etsy to find myself a Green Man statue of sorts and here's what I found that I could see adding to my altar:

What do you think? Do you have a Green Man on your altar? As a lit geek and artsy girl, I'm particularly partial to the Green Man, which is found throughout western Europe on churches and buildings. Learning about the Green Man was also part of my early awakening onto this path, so it feels fitting to honour him on my altar.

But would it be a bit of a conflict? What do you think?

In any case, I'm a fan of this piece!