Monday, July 11, 2011

etsy artist feature: steelgoddess

Letter writing. I think in the digital age of emails and texts, letter writing has become a lost art. And yet, receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is still so much fun, isn't it?

Which begs the question, why don't we write more letters?


I miss the feel of a letter in my hands and the box of letters stashed away under my bed. One day, in the distant future, are future generations ever going to appreciate the emails we've exchanged like we appreciate old letters?

Every now and again, I think about all those old letters and go back and reread them. I love my old letters. Which is why I got curious and started looking for stationary that would inspire me to write again. There's lots out there, but this set had just the right eerie/mystical undertone!


  1. That's a beautiful set of stationary. Very mystical. Letter writing is like a "lost art" these days. There is even a book on the "art of the letter."

    I would love to write more letters, but my experience has been that people don't really appreciate them, which is sad in itself.

  2. I don't know if people don't appreciate them. I think some people still do. Maybe it just depends on the individual? Not sure. I love all my old letters and it makes me sad to think that all those old letters that historians come across are lost. No more long correspondances between people to tell us about their stories (think Crowley and Regardie for example).

  3. Hello Faye,
    I think letter writing has become a lost art. I was a big pen pal writer when I was a schoolgirl. Now that the schools here in Indiana are thinking about not teaching cursive writing in school anymore, it just makes me sad.
    I love the feel of paper and the way a letter page looks. Nobody writes the same way so it's like looking at a piece of someones soul. Words are so magickal, don't you think?
    If you decide you might to take up a written correspondence, I'd be happy to drop you a line or two.

  4. I have brought severl of Steelgoddesses pages. I think the work in them is amazing and her designs just feel so me. I used to have a penpal but she stopped writing to me. Hugs Sara

  5. Hi! I LOVE letter writing....I have had a couple of penpals as an adult but they quit writing. It is definitely a lost art....I think people are just too busy to want to take the time to write letters.

  6. Maybe, but isn't that sad? I miss good mail! Not bills, dammit! I like good mail, it makes my day when I get it.


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