Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 23}

 This week's prompt: Air.

We've come full circle (out of order, but still) and are completing the last of the 4 traditional elements. What does Air mean to you?

When I initially started this page, I felt a little at a loss as to how to represent Air. I mean, how do you capture air? I thought about trying to go with trees swaying in the wind or hair mussed up from the wind, which could have been fun ... maybe next time!

Instead I sort of doodle my way around, adding in things that came to me while drawing.


I actually realized that I have quite a few thoughts about Air, from personal to magical, that are scattered all over my page. One of the main thoughts was the idea of thoughts being carried (songs, chants, words) through the air, continuously in the world we live in today. Air carries all these things, all around us, almost covering us, which led me to think about how sometimes we need space away from outside ideas to sort things out. We live in a world that is omnipresent and the Air around us can be thick with possibility or open for interpretation.


All this to say that Air is an intriguing element to me. It can be gentle and soothing or violent and dangerous. It can stir things up in our lives or feel like a warm embrace. It can hit us so hard that it leaves us breathless or carry the scent of flowers.

In open spaces it can feel overwhelming or liberating. In closed spaces it can feel stagnant or safe.

Sometimes we need to contain it in order to be able to use it. On a mundane level, think of oxygen tanks, on an intellectual level, think of needing guidelines or framework in order to be able to give an idea form. The blank page, the text box that I blog into, the time limit for a project.

At other times, we need to break free and embrace the openess of possibility in order to come to terms with our ideas, outside of the influences in the Air around us. Silence, solitude, or space to think things through.

These were a few of the thoughts going through my mind while I created this page. What about you? What does Air stir up in you?



  1. Your journal page is beautiful in art and prose. Air is such a multi-faceted element (as they all are) and I love how you have captured your personal essence to it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Mina. It was a tough page but I'm glad that it turned out this way.


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