Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 24}

This week’s prompt honours the Full Moon ☽ in ♑ that happens in the wee hours of Friday morning.


What does the full moon mean to you? What do you associate with it?

For me the fully moon is a time a magic, of drawing things to you, and of growth.


I wanted to create a page in white, with collage items because I don’t collage much, but that also had a bit of ethereal quality to it. When I came across the angel from Graphic Fairy I thought it would lend the right feel to the page. The text backgrounds are also from Graphic Fairy. (If you don’t know about Graphic Fairy, you should go check her out, especially if you love collage)!


  1. Oooh...I am still playing catch, but I may have to skip ahead to this prompt. I love how you made the page look moonish in color, gorgeous.

  2. You definitely nailed the ethereal quality. I love the washes of color. Makes me think of waves =).

  3. Thanks. I'm glad that others think it feels lunar (even lunar tides, how awesome is that)!

  4. So beautiful. I have just discovered the art journals and would really love to start a spiritual journal. I just don't know how to get started yet. Maby someone can help me with ideas ??
    Have a great day.

  5. @Moncha For subjects you could check out some of the prompts I've listed:

    Or try something different and more tailored to your needs. What do you want to explore in the journal? Why not start with that?

    Starting can seem daunting but it's not as hard as it seems once you get the hang of it. You can start with a notebook and write and doodle. Or if you like collage, cut out images that are linked the things you want to write about or speak to you that day. There are tons of ways to approach it and I think that's what makes it challenging to start. I know that when I started I was more comfortable with the journalling than the art but it was most because I didn't really see myself as an artist.

    Hmmm, maybe it's time for a post on great starter links/ideas. Something to work on!

  6. Oh, this is so beautifully done. I adore your art journal so much.


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