Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 26}

This week’s prompt: magical name

I’ve written about choosing magical names before (here) but have never done an art journal page devoted to the subject, so this week I thought I’d give it a go!

IMG_1149[1] IMG_1150[1]

To start this prompt, I decided to tear out some pages of an old French dictionary I have but never use. I know it seems sacrilegious but honestly, the book is so old that this just gives me an excuse to actually buy a good, new and more useful French dictionary (if I ever find the need for one). But I thought it was fitting to tear out word definitions for a prompt that is all about defining your pagan identity. To add a little touch of magic into the mix, I tore out the definitions of magic in French. The added benefit of using the French dictionary words was the tie in to my middle name.


I opted to keep the page simple and just tell a bit of the story behind the name I go by online as my magical identity, which is an extension of my true self. My mother was told that she was never going to have children because she wouldn’t be able to carry them to term. So when she made it through a rough pregnancy to deliver me prematurely and after I managed to make it out of the ICU, my mom wanted a name that reflected the gift she felt she’d been given. She chose Faye because it is the French word for fairy (fee), and because she felt like I was her miracle or little piece of magic. I love this story and have grown up hearing it. On top of which, my mother comes from a family tradition where your middle name is your spiritual name, thus my spiritual name is that of a fairy before the divine.

I’ve always felt that this was a little bit of a perfect piece of serendipity, having a spiritual name that linked me to the magical realm of faery. It was link, on some level, my mother (or the universe) already knew where I would likely to go. In fact, in another little bit of odd coincidence, the other names on the table for me as first names included: Cassandra or Delilah, and the other middle name she was considering was Ophelia. (My mother really had a theme going of sad, cursed, magical or thwarted women… and my real first name is in keeping with that theme)! So I’ll take my little piece of magic where I can, thank you very much!

By the by, this week marks the middle point of the 52 week project! So far prompts have covered:

  1. intentions
  2. love/heart
  3. i believe
  4. nature
  5. letter to self in 5 years
  6. goddess
  7. water
  8. realizations
  9. earth
  10. fears
  11. books
  12. lesson from family
  13. spells vs prayers
  14. broom closet
  15. dreams
  16. ethics
  17. pagan pet peeves
  18. what i wish others knew about my beliefs
  19. creating sacred space
  20. what i want to learn
  21. how my path helps me
  22. fire
  23. air
  24. full moon
  25. charity
  26. magical name

If you’re curious and want to look them over, click here!

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