Thursday, July 28, 2011

pagan penpal update

Hello all! Just a quick note. I never mentioned this cause I'm just a little stupid about the self promotion stuff, but in case you weren't aware of this, my little blog has recently had a lot of hits because of an article I wrote on Witchvox. You can find the article here. This means, if you signed up for a penpal, you may be contacted by some people who didn't actually fill out a profile because I never stipulated that this was a requirement. I'm now changed that in order to create a little bit more accountability and ability to follow up on the people who have contacted you.

Updated info on the penpal page:

Rules/Guidelines/Tips for safety:

1. If you want to participate in this exchange you must create a profile so that the person you contact can get a sense of who you are.

2. Exchange emails a bit before handing out your address. Get a sense of each other before giving out your personal details. Trust your gut.

3. Remember that if you're looking for a penpal, don't just wait for someone to contact you. Contact them! Take charge of who you write by making the decision for yourself!!!

4. If at ANY time you feel like you aren't comfortable with something, please email me at: aradiascauldron @ gmail . com and I will try to help you out. That said, please don't hold me responsible for who contacts you if you sign up. Once the info is on the web, there isn't much I can do to control where it goes. BUT, that said, if you aren't comfortable with continuing to have your profile up, please know that you can contact me at any time and I will remove it!

Happy writing!


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