Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 31}

this week's prompt: public rituals

Have you ever attended a public ritual? What was the experience like? Did you enjoy it?

I haven't attended a public ritual in a good long time now, but back when I was first starting out, those public rituals meant a lot to me and I'm thankful to those people who are willing to be open and generous in ways to build community


Monday, August 29, 2011

found: eco paint

I don't think that I really play up this element of myself on this blog but I'm actually quite the eco girl. The last year has been hard to keep my eco practices in places because we live above my inlaws and my brother was living with us (I love him but he is an enviro wasteland). But now that he's off and living on his own, I'm happy to be returning to some of my more sustainable lifestyle practices, which include reducing my water usage by doing things like showering with a bucket to catch wasted water to flush my toilet with later.

I know, I bet you're surprised to read that last comment. But it's true. I'm a big fan of the grey water system and can't wait to set up a full grey water system when we move into our home in June. Thankfully my husband is a good sport and accepts the methods behind my madness!

That said, another little area of eco concern for me is the waste that comes from art supplies, particularly acrylic paints, which I tend to use. I try to be conscientious about upcycling things as much as possible when it comes to my crafting, but it's not always possible. And crafting seems to come hand in hand with hording sparkly pretty things and using non eco products. So I'm curious about these goodies:

Glob Natural Paint
The colour range is limited but that's what mixing is for, isn't it? Do you think they'd work well? Have any of you out there had any experience with eco paints? I'd love to hear about it if you have!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 30}

This week's prompt: community

I have so many thoughts about community that I don't even know where to begin. I've mentioned before that I started this blog in an effort to try to build community and I'll be honest, I'm thrilled beyond belief by how much this space has grown since I started it. All of you help make this project (both artistic & community building) what it is, and for that I thank you all.

Gratitude expressed: check! Now on to some thoughts on community I've been mulling over for a while now.

It's interesting to me how we (society, pagans, artists, etc) use the internet as a means to create community. And the internet can be an amazing thing, helping us reach out to connect with others around us and find like minded friends. Given that many of us are walking a path that we may or may not be open about, or living in situations where it's hard to find people who share similar beliefs, we can often feel like the odd (wo)man out. The eccentric one with the different ideas about faith, identity, etc., which means that I think that the sense of longing for community  is a common theme amongst most pagans because community is a little bit challenging for us at times. Hence the popularity of pagan sites on the web. Hence the fact that many bloggers often make comments about needing some time away from their online community because they've not been spending enough time with the people in front of them.

But I also think that given that many of us a little off the beaten path, we might be used to being the lone wolf and as such, find it challenging to build community with others. No, this is not say that we're all social lepers cause we're not. I'm sure all of you have amazing friend groups and all that. What I'm thinking about is the explosive nature of some many public groups/gathering. Public groups disintegrate so often in our “community” that it amazes me. It seems like we’re loners a bit, a little different (or a lot) so we’re used to existing on the sidelines, but because of this, we don’t always play well with others.

Ultimately I think the challenge lies in the fact that we long for community but we are vehement about safeguarging our individuality at the same time. This can be contradictory to community building and sometimes it strikes me that part of the reason we (all of us) now find it harder to have a sense of community is because we are not so comfortable with communal thinking, sacrifices, or traditions.

Group dynamics will always be a bit of a challenge because of the way we long to fit in and yet maintain autonomy and individual expression/liberty and beliefs. individual self on their own unique path. I find it a bit fascinating really. Often groups of very disparate beliefs try to unite, only to lack the central core vision that essentially holds a group together and makes people willing to do the work to build community over a long period of time. This seems to become particularly relevant when group dynamics start to challenge individual autonomy, as they inevitably will do on some level, even at the most basic level because group work involves responsibility to self and others in order to create a communal identity.

I have other thoughts on this topic, but work beckons!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all my various projects {in addition to the ones I've blogged about}

Ok, things are busy over here. Ever the glutton for punishment or, as I like to put it, an enthusiastic multi-tasker, I've signed on for several new projects!

The first is the Gypsy Dreams blog party, brought to you by Celia from Adventures of the Striped Stockings. I've never done a blog party before so I'm pretty excited! I'm busy dreaming and plotting my great Gypsy debut...

Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

Next up, another blog party! Practical Magic 2011 by Frosted Petunias. Cause well, not only do I love the movie, I loved the things that were out and about during last year's party.

Practical Magic Blog Party

And for those of you who haven't figured it out by now, I'm a big fan of the yoga. Big fan. But I hurt my knee a year ago during Nia and have gotten really out of shape. Now it's time to get off my lazy butt, get back in shape and back on the mat! However, after a brief stint back at Nia and also at Zumba, I decided that while it was time to head back to my yoga practice, I wanted to take things slowly and not commit to a full hour and a half class yet, or work in a group at the class pace because I need to be taking time to check in, position properly, and take care of my injury. And I know that in a class I tend to push in order to keep up with others. So for now, I've commited to an online practice (which feels a bit counter intuitive to me but I'm giving it a go because it feels like the right thing for me, right now). So far I'm enjoying it.

30 Days with Marianne Elliott
And last, but not least, I'm working on a Halloween Album with prompts from Ali Edwards! I have great plans for this album and am already thinking of ways to modify and make it grow for a more pagan friendly context. Oh how the ideas abound...

Ali Edwards Halloween Project
photo from her site

What about you? Are you working on any great new projects that you're dying to share? I'd love to know about them because let's face it, I love projects! (I'm such a glutton for punishment).


today i am: aug 15-21 2011

This week has been a busy one for your's truly! Not only did I move my little brother out and send him off to college, but I said goodbye to another friend going off on internship.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 29}

This week’s prompt: god


What is your relationship with the gods? What do they mean to you? How do they manifest themselves in your life? Do you have a particular god who you work with?


This is a topic I have to admit to avoiding because my feelings about god are quite complex and tied in to my own rejection of Christianity and the patriarchal religions. I am slowly learning to reconnect with god and remember who he is, beyond the god I was raised with.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

this week i am: mini book

Ok, in case you didn’t realize it, I had a master plan behind my this week I am page prompts! And what was that plan you ask? Well dear readers, it was to make mini books for recording pagan path working.

So without further ado, let me show you what I’ve been working on:


For the outside I used 8.5/11 cardstock, cut in half and a round edge punch. Tim Holtz stamps, Basic Grey paper (it’s the beige paper with writing), K&Company stamp, cut up doilies, Martha Stewart butterfly punch, washi tape, red and black cardstock, and o rings.

IMG_5129  IMG_5131

I printed the page (I made a version that prints 2 to a page, it’s here if you want it). I glued it to the front side of the page so I could write more on the back if I wanted (you know, the private stuff that I don’t want to share with the internet but want to keep track of for me).

It’s very simple and hopefully, if I print them out in advance, easy to keep up with. I think it’s important to pay attention the ways we feel during certain cycles and to record the evolution of our path work so that we can reflect on it. That said, of course there are things that are private and things that can be shared, so I wanted a built in filter within the book, hence the front page public view and the hidden back.

Anyways, feel free to try it out or adapt it. If you do, I’d love to hear/see/read what you created for yourself (maybe your creativity will prompt and inspire a change in my project)!

Monday, August 15, 2011

found: witchy cupcake love

Ok, here's another baking goodness post:

Witchy Pumpkin Cupcakes
Go here for the details
I love cupcakes? Have I mentioned that before? I do. In fact, I love them so much I even had them at my wedding! See:

They were yummy! We even had lime margarita flavour. I bet you're jealous now aren't you? I know I'm hungry now...
But enough of that... I'm seriously jonesing to have a Halloween baking inspired party, full of yummy delights!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

For those of you out there who like the "this week I am" journaling and want to try it at home, I created a pdf for you to print at home:

This Week I Am

I decided to combine the topics because let's be honest, sometimes we don't always have something to say about each topic! I used a font that reminded me of Bewitched, I hope you like it!

Let me know if you use it cause I'm a total busybody and like to see what people create.


this week i am

Sun & Moon: As I write this, the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Capricorn, which makes for an interesting combination, but one in which I think I’m pretty comfortable since my Sun is in Capricorn and my Moon is in Leo. (I think that officially makes me a study in contradictions!)

Pathworking: I’ve been a little lax in my pathworking lately but no worries, not only do I have an excuse (work is crazy), but the Capricorn Moon is kicking my butt back into shape!

Creating, Planning & Trying: Working on a writing project, created a new freebie for the blog, and trying it out for myself!

Viewing, Reading & Listening: Still working on the ABC’s of Witchcraft and I am catching up with my blogs in my reader feed and podcasts!

Thinking & Realizing: about recent conversations with friends, doubts and magic, and about how

Feeling: excited to go see the Burlesque show at the end of the month I just bought tickets for!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 28}

This week's prompt: afterlife

What do you think happens after you die? Do you believe in an afterlife? Do you think you'll travel to the Summer lands? Or some other "mythical" land?

A recent conversation with a friend left me thinking a lot about what the afterlife means to me. I realized that contrary to what I thought, I actually have some pretty distinct ideas about life after death.

Ironically my ideas about life after death center a lot around ideas of reincarnation and science: in the idea that nothing ever disappears, it just changes form. I believe that after we die, the energies that make up our consciousness either remain together and travel intact in order to learn something we are still working on, or to   use the lessons we've accumulated and serve, or dissipate in order to reform in different ways, into different forms.

So once this life ends, I will move on to reunite with the vast ocean of energy that is the source before reforming into something new, parts of me existing throughout the earth/universe.

And honestly, while I have grieved those who have past, I think that thought is as awe inspiring as the idea of creation, which is why death is, on some level, to me, as much as a work of magic as birth.

But that's just my take. What's yours?


Monday, August 8, 2011

found: awesome scrap paper for projects!

Ok people, I'm seriously in love with this paper (and the rest of the line) by Echo Park:

Like it? Go here for more!
I'm thinking mixed media, scrapbook, and book of shadows. The possibilities are endless. Endless I say!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

pagan penpal stationery winner

And the winner for the old fashioned, snail mail stationery set is: AlphaBetsy!

I even did the draw Old School!
So lady, when you read this be sure to drop me a line at: aradiascauldron @ gmail. com with your mailing details AND answers to the following questions so I can create you your very own stationery set.
  • your favourite colour
  • which would you prefer: geeky, whimsical, witchy, or nature inspired theme?
  • your address!
Yay! I think this is officially my very first giveaway on this blog. Thanks to all of you who spread the word about the penpal project. Now, if you haven't already... go find yourself a penpal!

this week i am

Viewing: Catching up on True Blood and a bit flummoxed by the way they are representing Wicca. I mean, seriously. I know the story line is absurd to start with, but I don't know why they chose to call it Wicca instead of the more generic term, Witchcraft. But no worries, I'm taking it with a grain of salt and just enjoying my trash tv for what it is! Gratuitous sex scenes!

Thinking: about silence versus sharing  and learning to navigate the divide between the two in a safe, helpful and non egotistical manner. When is silence helpful and when is sharing harmful? What does silence mean in an oversharing culture? When is talking more about me or more about you? When do I share because I want to help and when does sharing negatively effect my or other's growth? Big questions, still working on the answers in relation to myself. What do you think? I'm sensing a blog post on this topic in the making!

Creating: wedding scrapbook pages. I promised myself I'd get the wedding album done by the end of this year!

Planning: my husband's birthday present! Any suggestions for an aspiring writer/satirical blogger/golf lover who buys himself everything he wants when he wants it, damn him!

Reading: ABC of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente

Listening: To a lot of TV on the Radio

Realizing: That I'm 34 and still feel as insecure as I did at 16. And yet, that is not really true. I'm far more secure and self aware than I was then, I just sometimes lose sight of the realization that I am stronger than I think

Trying: To draw a daily tarot card to meditate on during the day.
Feeling: A whole helluva lot pensive, can you tell?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pagan art journaling {week 27}

It's a bit later in the day than normal, but what can I say? I'm just getting back into the swing of being at work again!

This week's prompt: divination

What forms of divination do you use/prefer? How do you go about learning them? Do you feel naturally better at one form over another?

When I was younger I felt that the runes worked best for me but now I find them a bit too black and white (for me). I love the tarot because it can be so complex and nuanced. And well, I love complicated things, what can I say?

For me, choosing the right deck was quite the process. My first deck was the Haindl tarot deck and I loved it because it has a multicultural, multi tradition feel to it which is what I wanted at the time. I still love this deck but ended up having to replace it when the deck itself started playing tricks on me and eventually a few of the cards just disappeared, never to be found again even though there's no reason for them to be lost!

I replaced it with the Thoth deck earlier this year and it's been an interesting learning curve. I like the deck though, which is interesting to me because my ex from way back when has this deck and I wasn't that fond of it when we were together. I guess sometimes our relationship with the cards and the interpretations change over time.

What about you? What's your favourite form of divination? Or your favourite deck?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aradia's Cauldron: blog button updates!

Ok, it has come to my attention that my blog buttons weren't working properly because of how I had them set up on flickr. So, I've revamped them and if you have one on your site, I'd love it if you could update them. Sorry for the hassle and confusion!!!

Aradia's Cauldron

52 weeks blog button:

Big thanks!!