Thursday, August 4, 2011

this week i am

Viewing: Catching up on True Blood and a bit flummoxed by the way they are representing Wicca. I mean, seriously. I know the story line is absurd to start with, but I don't know why they chose to call it Wicca instead of the more generic term, Witchcraft. But no worries, I'm taking it with a grain of salt and just enjoying my trash tv for what it is! Gratuitous sex scenes!

Thinking: about silence versus sharing  and learning to navigate the divide between the two in a safe, helpful and non egotistical manner. When is silence helpful and when is sharing harmful? What does silence mean in an oversharing culture? When is talking more about me or more about you? When do I share because I want to help and when does sharing negatively effect my or other's growth? Big questions, still working on the answers in relation to myself. What do you think? I'm sensing a blog post on this topic in the making!

Creating: wedding scrapbook pages. I promised myself I'd get the wedding album done by the end of this year!

Planning: my husband's birthday present! Any suggestions for an aspiring writer/satirical blogger/golf lover who buys himself everything he wants when he wants it, damn him!

Reading: ABC of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente

Listening: To a lot of TV on the Radio

Realizing: That I'm 34 and still feel as insecure as I did at 16. And yet, that is not really true. I'm far more secure and self aware than I was then, I just sometimes lose sight of the realization that I am stronger than I think

Trying: To draw a daily tarot card to meditate on during the day.
Feeling: A whole helluva lot pensive, can you tell?


  1. Hi, I haven't followed True Blood. I think it has started airing here in The Netherlands.
    I hope you can get you scrapbook finished in time ; )
    For your husband maybe a book made of his blog posts if he posts himself ???
    Have a magical day.

  2. I like that idea... Ok, 10 top posts, as deemed by me, off to printing!

  3. I cancelled HBO and stopped watching Trueblood after last season. I read the books and CAN NOT STAND who they casted as Sookie.

  4. @Dark Mother: I've never read the books though I've been told they are very different. But that's always the case when lit is converted to film/tv. I know she's not the greatest actress but I enjoy the show for what it is even if I know it's not so great.


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